Terms to Become Familiar With

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AMENDMENT – A change to a previously approved ordinance, resolution or motion.

MOTION – A motion is a proposal by a Commissioner that the Commission take a specific action on a recommendation, resolution or ordinance, or to express itself on an issue. A motion is made by one member and must have support (a second) by another member. Public input is allowed on the motion prior to the final vote. The full Commission then votes, and the final vote indicates majority approval or disapproval of the motion.

ORDINANCE – A local law approved by the City Commission. Requires a public hearing before it may be passed.

PROCLAMATION – A document officially recognizing an event or accomplishment by citizens or organizations.

RESOLUTION – An official decision made by the Commission which does not require a public hearing.

VARIANCE – A license approved by the commission to act contrary to a usual rule, such as a variance from the zoning regulations.