Customer Bill of Rights

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The City’s Customer Bill of Rights is an unprecedented promise from the City to the public that each individual concern will be addressed and handled effectively.

The Bill of Rights can be seen hanging behind every North Port customer service counter. For more information about the Customer Bill of Rights, contact the City Manager's Office at (941) 429-7077.

 Customer Bill of Rights


TO A PARTNERSHIP: We will support a philosophy of building a partnership with citizens and customers. We will develop solutions focused on the overall benefits to the community, not just individuals. Although we may not always agree on a particular solution or issue, we will always listen to you.

TO QUALITY SERVICE: We will provide quality service consistent with established community values and standards. You will receive service from knowledgeable, competent and cooperative staff. Employees will be empowered to address all your issues and requests.

TO A CITY ORGANIZATION DEDICATED TO COMMUNITY VALUES: You can expect qualified employees dedicated to the ideals and values of North Port.

TO PROMPT ATTENTION: We will provide prompt and reliable attention. If immediate attention is not possible your need will be acknowledged within 24 business hours and you will be told when your need will be met and by whom.

TO COURTESY: You will always be treated with courtesy, respect and in a professional manner. Likewise, we will also expect to be treated with respect.

TO ACCURATE INFORMATION: We will provide complete and accurate information in a timely manner.

TO PROVIDE AND RECEIVE FEEDBACK: You have a right to provide us with your feedback and to receive the results of such feedback. We respect you and appreciate your thoughts, concerns, suggestions and opinions.

TO ACCESSIBILITY: Any City employee can assist you. Information and resources will be easily accessible.

TO ACCOUNTABILITY: We will take responsibility for our actions. If we cannot completely fulfill your request we will explain why and provide any alternatives. If a mistake was made, we will acknowledge the error and take steps to correct it.