Central Parc at North Port (Sabal Trace)

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Central Parc at North Port

The City of North Port received four petitions for the redevelopment of the property formerly known as the Sabal Trace Golf Course.  The applicant wishes to develop the subject property as a primarily residential community of no more than 500 dwelling units with a minor component of mixed-uses located at its southern entrance.  To do so, the applicant is concurrently requesting the following to allow for a coordinated combination of residential, commercial, and professional office space:

  • A Large Scale Comprehensive Plan text and map amendments to change the future land use designation from Recreation Open Space to Activity Center #9 with supporting policies;
  • A Rezoning to change the current zoning district from Commercial Recreation to Planned Community Development (PCD) with Development Master Plan (DMP) approval; and
  • A text amendment to Chapter 55 of the Unified Land Development Code (ULDC) to include intensity, density, urban design standards, amenities, and uses criteria for the proposed Activity Center #9.

On November 30th, 2018, updates to this plan were submitted and the most up to date PDF's of the Narrative and Plans are linked to below:

Request and Justification Narrative

The Springs at North Port - Development Master Plan

The Springs at North Port - Buffer Plan

Urban Design Standards Proposal

The Springs at North Port Proposed Pattern Plan

Hearing dates for Central Parc

The Central Parc plan will be heard by the City's Planning and Zoning Advisory Board on April 18th at 9am or shortly thereafter.

The plan's first reading before the City Commission will take place on May 2nd.

The plan's second reading before the City Commission will be determined pending further review.


A Neighborhood Meeting was held:

Wednesday, October 10, 2018, From 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm

at the North Port High School, Performing Arts Center

Check out the video recording of the meeting.


Current Process and Future Steps

  • These petitions are currently under staff and management review. 
  • Prior to a public hearing, the applicant is required to hold a neighborhood meeting and notify residents within a 1,320 foot radius of the site. 
    • If the buffer for notification falls within HOA boundaries, the individual property owners within the buffer will be notified as well as the HOA itself.  It is possible that not every resident within an HOA will receive a notification depending on the location of the buffer.
  • Once all staff comments have been resolved and the neighborhood meeting has been held, the petitions will be scheduled for public hearings. 
    • These petitions require one hearing before the Planning & Zoning Advisory Board (PZAB) and two hearings before City Commission.  Residents within the same 1,320 foot buffer will be notified of the dates of the public hearings and the hearings will be advertised in the North Port Sun. 
  • If approved by City Commission, the project will be required to undergo additional reviews for subdivision, infrastructure and a final plat.


For any additional information, please contact Nicole Galehouse at ngalehouse@cityofnorthport.com.