Staff Directory

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Caravella, EvelynAccount Specialist(941) 429-7115
Carneiro, SueStaff Assistant I(941) 429-7064
Carrillo, JanetSocial Services Manager(941) 429-3700
Carter, WilliamOfficer
Carusone, VanessaMayor(941) 429-7070
Cassell, SteveSupervisor(941) 240-8535
Cassell, TrystaLien Specialist(941) 429-7261
Casselli, RalphOfficer(941) 429-7334
Cauffman, JustinOfficer
Cavanaugh, DavidArborist(941) 429-7162
Chippendale, BrianOfficer(941) 429-7330
Christie, AlisonPlanner(941) 429-7221
Christner, AmyRecords Tech(941) 429-7311
Clark, ChristopherOfficer
Cohen, DustinOfficer
Contorno, JohnOfficer
Cook, DavidOfficer
Cooke, James (Brian)Life Safety & Fire Prevention Officer(941) 240-8185
Cooley, HeatherOfficer
Crosby, ErikPlans Examiner/Standard Inspector - Electrical(941) 429-7202