Staff Directory

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Naaman, BarryFiremedic(941) 240-8150
Naylon, KimStaff Assistant I(941) 429-7163
Near, TrentOfficer(941) 429-7379
Needy, RobertLife Safety & Fire Prevention Officer(941) 240-8150
Neeley, ShawnFiremedic(941) 240-8150
Neighborhood Development Services - Building(941) 429-7044
Neighborhood Development Services - Planning and Zoning(941) 429-7156
Neighborhood Development Services General Line4970 City Hall Boulevard(941) 429-7044
Nelson, ChristineCrime Scene Technician(941) 429-7313
Nelson, ChristopherEquipment Operator I(941) 240-8050
Nelson, DanialEquipment Operator I(941) 240-8050
Nelson, Halston Officer(941) 429-7300
Nelson, StevenMechanic II(941) 240-8050
Neugebauer, MarilynPublic Safety Telecommunicator(941) 429-7300
Newkirk, Rick Utilities Director(941) 240-8010
Newman, BenProject Engineer(941) 240-8320
Nick, AaronOfficer(941) 429-7300
North Port Fire Rescue4980 City Center Boulevard(941) 240-8150
North Port Police Department4980 City Hall Boulevard(941) 429-7300
Nosbisch, ChadWater/Wastewater Plants Operations Manager(941) 240-8009