Staff Directory

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Raducci, KevinProperty Standards Inspector(941) 429-7257
Rainey, BrittanyStaff Assistant I(941) 429-3700
Ramirez-Almanza, EliseoSolid Waste Equipment Operator(941) 240-8050
Raney, BarbaraTemporary Land File Clerk(941) 429-7044
Raney, KeithContract Administrator II(941) 429-7103
Rappuhn, KennethFleet Manager(941) 240-8531
Reed, GarySolid Waste Equipment Operator(941) 240-8050
Reed, LauraAdministrative Services Specialist(941) 429-7058
Reichenbach, GeorgeEquipment Operator I(941) 240-8050
Reid, RobertRecreation Attendant(941) 429-3555
Renick , Marc Standards Inspector(941) 240-8019
Riccio, AnthonySolid Waste Equipment Operator(941) 250-8050
Richards, JamesOfficer(941) 429-7300
Richter, DaleEquipment Operator II(941) 240-8050
Richter, JasonCommander(941) 429-7381
Ridolfi, PamelaCustomer Care Rep III(941) 429-7230
Roberts, MenelikEquipment Operator III(941) 240-8050
Rodriguez, GerardoFiremedic(941) 240-8150
Rodriguez, JoseSolid Waste Equipment Operator(941) 240-8050
Rodriguez, RebeccaCollection & Distribution Tech II(941) 240-8000