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Weekly Highlights: March 8, 2019

Post Date:03/08/2019 3:32 PM


  • Staff assisted the Communications Team working the City booth at the SKYiCHAMPIONSHIP at Charlotte Harbor National Golf Club at Bobcat Trail.
  • Staff coordinated with the Fire Department to check functionality of fire hydrants around Lake Geraldine which draw water from the lake.
  • Staff coordinated with factory representatives from Thompson Pump to ensure proper operation and function of Utilities bypass pumps before the onset of rainy season.
  • Staff met with staff from IT to discuss Utilities technology needs for budget development.
  • The Public Utility Advisory Board presented its Annual Report to Commission.
  • Staff met with the Southwest Florida Water Management District regarding the annual Public Supply Annual Report.
  • Staff attended a webinar on effective teamwork.
  • Staff attended a joint meeting of the Florida Section of the American Waterworks Association and Florida Water Environment Association.
  • WTP Rain Update: The Water Treatment Plant received .05 inches of rain this week.


  • Processed 302 invoices and paid 112 vendors totaling $1,392,952.49 for goods and services provided to the City.
  • Processed $1,010,153.59 in cash receipts from utility payments, Warm Mineral Springs, and other miscellaneous sources.
  • Purchasing staff processed 10 purchase orders, 7 p-card approval, 13 agenda items, and 29 vendor updates.
  • Payroll staff processed payroll for 635 employees.
  • Conducted 85 lien searches.
  • Performed cash receipts daily.
  • Audited p-card statements.
  • Completed the monthly Commission Reports for February.


  • Completed the annual water control structure inspections and are developing a plan to address the minor repairs needed.
  • Toledo Blade Boulevard irrigation system repairs are moving forward, pump stations 2, 4 and 6 are now up and running. Pump station 5 is scheduled for a pump replacement.
  • A total of 14,300 LF was put on grade between February 19, 2019 and March 1, 2019.
  • Completed rehabilitating retention ditch R-72 near Sydney Avenue.
  • Installed 288 linear feet of pipe and 7 catch basins as part of the Grid 205-B (located off of Saybrook Avenue) drainage rehabilitation project.
  • Staff put down 1,440 bags of mulch in the City Hall complex area.
  • Vendor repairs were made to address a roof leak at the Police Department.
  • Staff replaced the furniture in the City Hall 1st floor seating area.


  • IT completed 66 Service Tickets.
  • IT provided technical coverage for 2 Commission Workshops, a Regular Commission Meeting and a School Board Meeting setup and support.
  • IT researched Customer Relationship Management systems for Economic Development.
  • IT completed an upgrade to the Neighborhood Development Services phone software operations.  This was done to improve customer service and the ability to manage large call volume during peak times.
  • IT is in the initial stages of planning the connectivity infrastructure for the West Villages Wastewater Plant Project and the co-locating of the Fire 26/86 Stations
  • IT continued work on the new application called TRAKiT, receiving an updated set of data from our current NaviLine system to import into TrackiT.  This iterative process enables us to test and validate the data that will be converted when we go-live on TRAKiT.
  • IT continued work on a new Public Records Request Management system for the City Clerk’s office, with continued testing, validation and fine tuning of processes. The GovQA application will provide centralized tracking, billing, redaction and response. Training and testing are in progress. 


  • Staff conducting promotional testing for Sergeant’s vacancies   
  • Staff conducted Criminal Investigation Division oral boards for detective vacancies 
  • Staff met with new Law Enforcement Officer applicant
  • Staff met with new Property & Evidence Technician applicant
  • Telecommunications staff completed the Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials (APCO) Institute’s Illuminations Program for the month of March. This is a subscription-based service that allows staff to obtain topic-specific, at-your-desk continuing education. This month’s topic was titled “Chemistry”. The overview: How the creation and use of various types of chemical bombs, homemade improvised explosive devices (IEDs), and letter bombs, create dangers when being created, deployed, and for the first responders who respond to the incidents. This session focused on the response to these homemade chemistry experiments.
  • Stats for the week of February 28 – March 6, 2019:
  • Crime Scene: 18 hours of new officer training, 3.5 hours new civilian training (dispatch and CSA), 2 hours rush request, Narcotics lab, Sarasota Crime Scene Technician Walker in Field Training Program continues
  • Telecommunication: 549 Citizen Calls for service, 170 Case numbers pulled, 47 calls via 911, 16:03 minutes average call received to 1st dispatch, 3 new Public Safety Telecommunicators starting orientation and Department of Health approved Field Training Program


  • North Port Fire Rescue personnel responded to 172 incidents. These responses included, two trash fires, one vehicle fire, 131 EMS calls, one hazardous condition, 20 service calls, 12 good intent calls, and five false alarms.
  • North Port residents called in 18 smoke detector service requests. Fire Rescue personnel checked 98 detectors, replaced 82 batteries, and installed eight detectors.
  • North Port Fire Rescue personnel approved 22 P-card transactions and processed four invoices totaling $5,876.25 for goods and services.
  • North Port Fire Rescue personnel purchased $1,442.18 in EMS supplies and pharmaceuticals.
  • North Port Fire Rescue personnel continue developing and updating the department Standard Operating Guidelines (S.O.G.’s).
  • North Port Fire Rescue personnel continue to submit pictures and video to the City Public Information Officer (P.I.O.) for posting on the City web site.
  • North Port Fire Rescue personnel continue to attend all scheduled public education events; 5th Annual Community Festival at San Pedro Church.
  • North Port Fire Rescue personnel attended the Region 6 meeting at Charlotte County Emergency Operations Center (E.O.C.).
  • North Port Fire Rescue personnel flushed hydrants in Lake Geraldine with Utilities and did some area familiarization.
  • North Port Fire Rescue personnel started the first week of LifeScan.
  • North Port Fire Rescue personnel submitted the staffing assignments for Station 86.
  • North Port Fire Rescue personnel attended the employee luncheon hosted by the City.
  • North Port Fire Rescue personnel attended a pre-application plan meeting for the Biscayne Drive Bicycle Lane Extension from Elyton Drive to Glenallen Boulevard; PRE-19-041 and one Inspection Input after the Plan Review Process with the Building Department Personnel.
  • North Port Fire Rescue personnel conducted and completed one Special Event Permit Fire and Life Safety Inspection and one Tent Inspection.
  • North Port Fire Rescue personnel reviewed and approved two Special Event Permits.
  • North Port Fire Rescue Personnel completed 10 commercial plan reviews
  • North Port Fire Rescue personnel completed one Final Plat/Re-Platting for the Island Walk at the West Villages, Phase 8; PLF-19-036 and one Comprehensive Plan Amendment Large Scale for the Village E – 12 Acre Plan Amendment; CPAL-19-028.
  • North Port Fire Rescue personnel attended two Formal Consultations with the Atlanta Braves Representatives regarding their project.
  • North Port Fire Rescue personnel conducted and completed six Fire Alarm Final Acceptance Testing and Inspections, four Fire and Life Safety Inspections, two Fire Sprinkler Final Acceptance Tests, and two Fire Alarm Rough Inspections.
  • North Port Fire Rescue personnel conducted five formal site visits of the Atlanta Braves Construction Area
  • North Port Fire Rescue personnel conducted and completed 15 annual and 28 follow-up inspections.
  • North Port Fire Rescue personnel attended training and testing conducted by department Medical/Associate Medical Directors.
  • North Port Fire Rescue personnel attended CPR/AED courses for renewal of their health care provider certifications.
  • North Port Fire Rescue attended advanced cardiac life support courses for renewal of their ACLS provider certifications.
  • North Port Fire Rescue attended a Braves spring training facility meeting to further discuss EMS coverage during scheduled events.
  • North Port Fire Rescue attended the March 2019 EMS executive council meeting held in Sarasota.
  • North Port Fire Rescue met with representatives from Braves spring training facility as part of continuing discussions on the providing of EMS services during scheduled events.


  • Parks & Recreation staff processed 18 Achieve Anything memberships consisting of 4 annual memberships, 6 one-month memberships, 2 three-month memberships, 3 DFY memberships, 2 student memberships, and 1 city employee membership. 
  • A total of 1,458 membership and daily/drop-in visits were made to the Morgan and Mullen Community Centers.
  • There were 17 facility rentals for a total of 78 hours, 11 Scout House rentals for a total of 19.5 hours, and 10 pavilion rentals for a total of 28 hours.
  • Parks & Recreation staff facilitated 3.5 hours of community service at the Community Centers this week.
  • Teen Dodge Ball was held on March 5, attended by 15 teens.
  • Book Swap donations have started  with hundreds of books donated so far.
  • Men’s Basketball League registration is open and the season starts April 1.
  • The first ever teen movie to kick off Spring Break will be on March 14 at the Morgan Center. They will be viewing Black Panther.
  • Binglo registration for March 15 is now open!
  • Summer Camp registration is open! There are 367 weeks of camp reserved for GMAC and 111 for Teen Camp. These numbers are up from the same time last year when we had 355 for GMAC and 108 for Teen Camp.  
  • Projects in progress include: Boundless Adventures Playground Phase II; North Port Aquatic Center; development of school board interlocal for use of parking; CAPRA Accreditation; completion of new youth league agreements.
  • Staff continues to develop the department’s FY20 requested budget.
  • Projects in progress include: Plumbing Renovations at Warm Mineral Springs Park; Quadricentennial Monument Rehabilitation at Warm Mineral Springs Park; ADA Accessibility planning, Myakkahatchee Creek Greenway Trail; Blue Ridge Park parking lot improvements; Community Education Center parking lot improvements; and Warm Mineral Springs Park Master Plan.
  • Parks and Grounds installed rule signs at several playgrounds.
  • Parks and Grounds installed Code of Conduct signs at many of the sport courts and athletic fields.
  • Parks and Grounds installed a display board at the Canine Club Dog Park.
  • Continued to fill holes and low areas throughout the dog park.
  • Pruned several trees at the George Mullen Activity Center.
  • Replaced bricks that were disturbed at the Garden of the 5 Senses.
  • Continued to prune and thin shrub areas at the Garden of the 5 Senses.
  • Removed large amounts of soil that covered the concrete bleacher pads at Dallas White park.
  • Worked with the ADA Transition Consultant at Oaks Park, Butler Park, Skate Park, McKibben Park, Dallas White Park,  The Scout House and the Morgan Center.


  • Staff completed eight LIHEAP financial applications utilizing external funding
  • Staff referred one client to St. Vincent De Paul for assistance utilizing external funding
  • Staff distributed six bags of hygiene products donated by the Back Pack Angels
  • Staff completed 83 information requests to the general public
  • Staff completed 15 prescreens for financial assistance


  • The Code Enforcement Division conducted 141 initial inspections, 12 verbal warnings, 122 notices of Ordinance violations, 139 re- inspections, closed 114 cases and managed 228 phone calls.
  • The Building Division reviewed 69 miscellaneous permits, issued 39 new house permits and issued two commercial permits.
  • Staff brought a detailed comparison of tree protection ordinances from around the State to a Commission workshop for discussion.
  • Staff attended a training on form-based code.
  • Staff presented discussion items on fences and nonconforming use ordinances that are being drafted.
  • Zoning Board of Appeals heard a variance request.
  • The Environmental Advisory Board met to discuss development in the West Villages, water runoff, preservation, and environmental outreach.
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