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Weekly Highlights: March 15, 2019

Post Date:03/15/2019 5:13 PM


Works’ Solid Waste Division completed 764 requests for special pick up services. These include bulk collections, container delivery, and electronic/appliance waste pick-ups.

North Port Police Chief Todd Garrison attended Captain Gary Arsenault's National Academy Graduation in Quantico, Virginia.

Social Services staff completed one Access Point/One by1 coordinated assessment utilizing the Homeless Management Information System and paid for a two-night motel stay for family.

Information Technology staff continues the planning of the connectivity infrastructure for the West Villages Wastewater Plant Project and the co-locating of Fire 26/86 Stations.

The Neighborhood Development Services Department issued eight commercial permits this past week, which shows the exponential growth North Port is experiencing.

Firefighter/Paramedic Jeffrey Shand was named “Firefighter of the Year” by VFW Post 8203 this week. Jeffrey was recognized for saving a person from a vehicle accident while off-duty. Congratulations!

Registration for Summer Camp is now open! There are different camps for kids in 1st-12th grade with lots of great activities. Registration and information can be found at

Finance staff continues to work on preparation of the 2020 City Budget.

Utilities staff attended the biweekly progress meeting for the Southwest Wastewater Treatment Facility in the West Villages.



  • During the week of March 4, 2019, Customer Service staff processed 705 via telephone citizen service and/or informational requests.


  • Staff completed five LIHEAP financial applications utilizing external funding
  • Staff distributed four bags of hygiene products donated by the Back Pack Angels
  • Staff completed 75 information requests to the general public
  • Staff completed six prescreens for financial assistance
  • Staff met with Department of Health and Health Planning Council representatives to discuss Housing Opportunities of Persons with AIDS (HOPWA) grant funding


  • Staff attend advisory board meeting at Suncoast Technical College
  • Staff attended presentation on Detail Commander Software
  • Traffic Unit hold oral boards for vacancies
  • Staff meet with new Public Safety Telecommunicator applicant  
  • Accreditation Administrator attended Regional Accreditation meeting on standard changes for updates, held at the Collier County Sheriff's Office
  • Telecommunications:  493 - Calls for service, 1295 - Calls for service to include officer self-initiated events
    34 - Calls via 911, 1:05 – Average “call receive to call-taking finished”, 9:08 - Average “call received to 1st dispatch”


  • IT Completed 35 Service Tickets
  • IT provided technical coverage for a Commission Special Meeting and a Zoning Board of Appeals Meeting.
  • IT upgraded Legal Files which was vendor recommended to alleviate a performance issue - Legal Files is a Case Management Software designed specifically for the flow of Legal cases and documentation.
  • IT Completed the Time Clock Replacement Project.  All clocks due for replacement have been installed, activated, tested and old clocks have now been retrieved.
  • An IT Staff Member was able to acquire a free one month and three month Technology Training Membership through Pluralsight and LinkedIn respectively.
  • IT continues the implementation projects of TRACKiT and GovQA
  • IT Continues the planning of the connectivity infrastructure for the West Villages Wastewater Plant Project and the co-locating of Fire 26/86 Stations.


  • Staff brought a detailed comparison of tree protection ordinances from around the State to a Commission workshop for discussion.
  • Staff attended a training on form-based code.
  • Zoning Board of Appeals heard a variance request.
  • The Environmental Advisory Board met to discuss development in the West Villages, water runoff, preservation, and environmental outreach.
  • The Code Enforcement Division conducted 51 initial inspections, four verbal warnings, 142 notices of Ordinance violations, 89 re- inspections, and managed 222 phone calls.
  • The Building Division reviewed 45 miscellaneous permits, issued 42 new house permits, and managed 405 phone calls. 


  • North Port Fire Rescue personnel responded to 162 incidents. These responses included, one residential fire, one pre-scribed burn, six outside fires, 118 EMS calls, one hazardous condition, 19 service calls, three good intent calls, and 13 false alarms.
  • North Port residents called in 14 smoke detector service requests. Fire Rescue personnel checked 72 detectors, replaced 67 batteries, and installed four detectors.
  • North Port Fire Rescue personnel purchased $5,949.29 in EMS supplies and pharmaceuticals.
  • North Port Fire Rescue personnel continue developing and updating the department S.O.G.’s.
  • North Port Fire Rescue personnel continue to submit pictures and video to the City Public Information Officer (PIO) for posting on the City web site.
  • North Port Fire personnel attended the women’s LPGA qualifying event at the Charlotte Harbor National Golf Course in Bobcat trail.
  • North Port Fire Rescue personnel attended an awards ceremony to recognize Firefighter Jeffrey Shand at the VFW Post 8203.
  • North Port Fire Rescue personnel attended a fire alarm response to schools meeting at the Sarasota County Emergency Operations Center (EOC).
  • North Port Fire Rescue personnel started the second week of Life Scan.
  • North Port Fire Rescue personnel attended the Tactical First-In Team (TFIT) meeting with Scott Montgomery.
  • North Port Fire Rescue personnel conducted Code Research and Review concerning Fire and Life Safety inquiries.
  • North Port Fire Rescue personnel investigated and followed up on one (1) complaint regarding Fire and Life Safety conditions or deficiencies.
  • North Port Fire Rescue personnel conducted and completed two Special Event Permit Fire and Life Safety Inspections.
  • North Port Fire Rescue personnel reviewed and approved four Special Event Permits.
  • North Port Fire Rescue personnel completed five commercial plan reviews.
  • North Port Fire Rescue personnel attended two Formal Consultations with the Atlanta Braves Representatives regarding their project.
  • North Port Fire Rescue personnel completed one Final Plat/Re-Platting for the West Villages Marketplace; PLF-19-050 and one (1) General Miscellaneous Petition for McDonald’s North Port; GEN-18-069 and one (1) Request for Variance for Lino Road; VAR-19-052.
  • North Port Fire Rescue personnel conducted and completed five Fire Alarm Final Acceptance Testing and Inspections, four Fire and Life Safety Inspections, four Fire Sprinkler Rough/Hydro Inspections, one Fire Wall Penetrations/Doors Inspections, one Commercial Hood Suppression System Acceptance Test, one Emergency Generator Final Test and Acceptance and two Fire Underground Rough Inspections.
  • North Port Fire Rescue personnel conducted three formal site visits of the Atlanta Braves Construction Area.
  • North Port Fire Rescue personnel conducted and completed 34 annual and 15 follow-up inspections.


  • Parks & Recreation staff processed 25 Achieve Anything memberships consisting of 4 annual memberships, 6 one-month memberships, 5 three-month memberships, 8 D-Fy memberships, and 2 student memberships. 
  • A total of 1,444 membership and daily/drop-in visits were made to the Morgan and Mullen Community Centers.
  • There were 26 facility rentals for a total of 88.25 hours, 14 Scout House rentals for a total of 26 hours, and 4 pavilion rentals for a total of 22.5 hours.
  • Parks & Recreation staff facilitated 2 hours of community service at the Community Centers this week.
  • Parks & Recreation staff received 4 High Five awards this week.
  • Book Swap was held on March 8 & 9 with over 100 attendees and 1,000 books available to be swapped.
  • Men’s League registration is open, and the season starts April 1.
  • Staff continues to develop the department’s FY20 requested budget.
  • Staff prepared and submitted a listing of potential capital improvement projects to be included in the FY20 requested budget.
  • Staff attended RFP evaluation training.
  • Projects in progress include: Plumbing Renovations at Warm Mineral Springs Park; Myakkahatchee Creek Greenway Trail; Blue Ridge Park parking lot improvements; Community Education Center parking lot improvements; and Warm Mineral Springs Park Master Plan.
  • Installed mulch at Blue Star.
  • Assisted with the set up and take down for the Art on the Green Event.
  • Installed mulch to fill the low area under the bench swing at Dallas White Park.
  • Secured the damaged play structure at Kirk Park.
  • Met with a fencing contractor to replace the damaged fencing at Butler Park Kayak Parking area.
  • Inspected the irrigation at the Canine Club Dog Park.


  • Staff attended the Fiscal Year 2020 Technology Budget Review meeting.
  • Staff collected and organized data to begin building the implementation process for GovMax Budgeting Software.
  • Staff reviewed the preliminary Capital Improvement Program presentations for Fiscal Year 2020.
  • Processed 321 invoices and paid 106 vendors totaling $1,358,280.01 for goods and services provided to the City.
  • Processed $1,093,384.65 in cash receipts from utility payments, Warm Mineral Springs, and other miscellaneous sources.
  • Purchasing staff processed 11 purchase orders, 6 p-card approvals, and 59 vendor updates.
  • Payroll staff processed payroll change notices and balanced monthly accruals.
  • Conducted 74 lien searches.
  • Performed cash receipts daily.
  • Audited p-card statements.


  • Staff attended the Peace River Professional Staff Meeting.
  • Negotiations were conducted with the selected engineering firm for the San Mateo Drive Water Transmission Main Project.
  • Staff attended the biweekly progress meeting for the Southwest Wastewater Treatment Facility in the West Villages.
  • Staff spoke to technology and business students from Sarasota Technical College on careers in Utilities.
  • Staff attended training on the City's radio read meters.
  • Field Operations staff worked with plant staff to make adjustments in the water distribution system in preparation for maintenance to water storage tanks at the plant and booster stations. 
  • Field Operations staff repaired a 6" water main break on Perennial this week.
  • Field Operations staff replaced a fire hydrant in Harbor Cove.
  • Staff complete interviews for the vacant Community Outreach Coordinator position.
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