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Weekly Highlights: April 5, 2019

Post Date:04/05/2019 4:45 PM


  • NDS BUILDING - zoning staff conducted 104 zoning related inspections
  • NDS PLANNING - Final plans under review for the Hampton Inn
  • NDS CODE ENFORCEMENT - closed 142 cases for code violations
  • An IT Member attended a web based Visual Studio 2019 launch event - this event unveiled the download of Visual Studio 2019 while presenting multiple demos and training sessions of the new features. Visual Studio is an integrated development environment from Microsoft which is used to develop websites, apps, web services and programs.
  • Utilities welcomed new Community Outreach Coordinator, Colleen Hibbitts, to the Utilities team.
  • Staff conducted training for North Port Fire Department Staff on the City water supply and distribution system. 
  • Staff met with representatives from Central Parc on a utilities developer agreement for the former Sabal Trace property.
  • The structural analysis of the Myakkahatchee Creek Water Treatment Plant was completed and now staff awaits the final report.
  • Staff met with project engineers for review of 90% plans for the Water Main and Force Main Replacement on U.S. 41 at Lazy River.
  • Staff was on site for sanitary sewer testing and new water line chlorination in Island Walk Phase 7E.
  • The FY 2019 Adopted Budget was published and distributed this week.  The budget office also submitted the budget document to the Government Financial Officers Association for consideration for the Distinguished Budget Presentation Award.
  • Just a reminder that the Family Fishing Clinic will be held this Saturday, April 6 from 9:00 a.m. - Noon. Cost is $5 per person and includes a fishing rod and tackle box!
  • Don't miss the next free Rec on Wheels! Parks & Rec will be at Oaks Park on April 10 from 5:00 - 6:00 p.m. offering free fun and games for anyone who stops by to play.
  • Parks & Grounds completed the monthly playground inspections which helps ensure all equipment is in top working order and safe for the public.
  • The Flashlight and "Egg"Normous Egg Hunts are coming up on April 12 & 13! We don't want anyone to miss out on the epic hunt for eggs (they go fast), so please visit for a detailed event schedule.
  • Staff hold Annual Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast held at the VFW in honor of our City of North Port volunteers.  More than 50 volunteers in attendance.  City volunteers worked over 13,200 hours for the 2018 fiscal year - saving the city $299,000 (using the national average for volunteer rate of $22.70 per hour). 
  • Crime Scene Technicians took an on-line training course through Texas A&M called Investigative Tools and Equipment.
  • Accreditation Administrator assist the Cape Coral Police Department with their Commission for Florida Law Enforcement Accreditation Comparative Compliance Mock Assessment.
  • During the week of March 25, 2019, Solid Waste completed 839 requests for special pick up services. These include bulk collections, container delivery, and electronic/appliance waste pick-ups.
  • -During the week of March 25, 2019, Customer Service staff processed 801 via telephone citizen service and/or informational requests.
  • -Began planting fountain grass around irrigation valve boxes on Toledo Blade Boulevard in an effort to deter vehicles from driving over and breaking the valve boxes.
  • -Replaced the decking on a pier at the water treatment plant to allow safe access to the United States Geological Survey equipment that monitors the Myakkahatchee Creek levels.
  • -Continued to remove mulch and failed plantings from the Biscayne Drive medians. Some juniper plants are being transplanted and medians are being prepared for sod. Sod installation will begin in the next two weeks on the northern most medians and proceed in phases.



  • Collected 521 ton of residential garbage.
  • Collected 277 tons of residential recycling.
  • Collected 16 tons of commercial cardboard.
  • Collected 191 tons of commercial garbage.
  • Pipe crews installed 346 linear feet of pipe and 2 catch basins in grid 205B.
  • Continued the rehabilitation on Retention Ditch 170 near Winslow Lane and Retention Ditch 110 near     Woodward Avenue.
  • Using the walking excavator staff Mowed 1.4 linear miles of ditch in R-102 near Florala Street.
  • Regraded 6,823 linear feet of drainage swales.
  • Cleared 104 pipes of dirt and debris.


  • Staff completed five LIHEAP financial applications utilizing external funding
  • Staff distributed two bags of hygiene products donated by the Back Pack Angels
  • Staff referred one client to St. Vincent De Paul for NPU assistance utilizing external funding
  • Staff completed 90 information requests to the general public
  • Staff completed 10 prescreens for financial assistance


  • Several staff involved in police officer testing this week.  Written test and physical agility testing.
  • Staff attend Mark 43 CAD demo at Venice Police Department. 
  • Telecommunications - 561 - Calls for service, 54 - Calls via 911, 7:39 - Average "call received to 1st dispatch”
    GMAC Summer Camp registration is up 26% from the same time last year and teen camp registrations are up 30%!  For camp and registration information, check out
  • Parks & Recreation staff processed 36 Achieve Anything memberships. These included ten annual memberships, fifteen one-month memberships, nine three-month memberships, and two city employee memberships. 
  • A total of 1,539 membership and daily/drop-in visits were made to the Morgan and Mullen Community Centers this past week!
  • There were 19 facility rentals this past week, for a total of 47.25 hours. This included ten Scout House rentals and nine pavilion rentals.
  • Parks & Recreation staff helped facilitate six hours of community service at the Community Centers over the past week.
  • 225 people enjoyed making the coolest binoculars in town at the Movie on the Green on March 29, where families enjoyed a viewing of the 2017 “Jumanji”.
  • A special Tea Time with the Easter Bunny was held at the Morgan Family Community Center on March 30.  78 attendees enjoyed delightful refreshments, a small Easter Egg Hunt, and a dance party with the Bunny.
  • The Men's League Basketball kicked off the season on April 1. 14 teams are vying for the championship. Schedules and game results can be found at
  • Kickball League is winding down its season, with playoffs starting this Sunday, April 7 at Narramore Sports Complex.
  • Parks & Recreation has a number of projects in process, including: installation of shade structures at Atwater Park Splash Pad, Phase II of the Boundless Adventures Playground, construction of the North Port Aquatic Center, preparation for CAPRA Accreditation, and completion of new youth league agreements.
  • Parks & Grounds added new mulch  to several flower/tree beds throughout the Garden of Five Senses and also planted new Dune Sunflowers. They also removed graffiti from a pavilion there and completed a necessary irrigation repair.
  • At Dallas White Park, the team cleaned out the BBQ grills and sanitized trash can lids. They also trimmed all the plants around the Scout House.
  • At the Mullen Center - two sprinkler heads that had been vandalized were repaired.
  • At the Morgan Center, the area around the back pond was mowed and tree wells were edged. The mulch was also refreshed along all of the median strips.
  • The closed slide at Kirk Park was secured to ensure Public Safety.
  • A dock repair at Marina Park was completed and re-opened to the public.
  • Suncoast Credit Union agreed to be a bronze sponsor for the May Concert in the Park. This brings the fiscal year-to-date total for sponsorship to $12,750. Thank you to all of our sponsors for your support!
  • On Monday, April 1 staff joined John Rawlings on the RealTalk radio program at 97.5 WKDW. They provided a monthly preview of upcoming events and programs.
  • Parks & Recreation premiered it's Battle of the Paddles video, which has more than 1,000 minutes viewed and almost 6,000 impressions so far!
  • Staff filmed a Parks & Grounds video which will be released in a couple of weeks. The goal is to showcase the team who keeps our parks in such high-quality and to educate the public about what work is needed to maintain 485+ acres of high-quality parks and natural spaces.


  • Staff participated in the Florida Government Finance Officers Association webinar "Developing a Better Budget Process".
  • Staff attended the Southwest Florida Government Finance Officers Association Chapter seminar "Creating a Culture of Accountability".
  • Processed 205 invoices and paid 77 vendors totaling $459,209.59 for goods and services provided to the City.
  • Processed $2,494,974.91 in cash receipts from utility payments, Warm Mineral Springs, and other miscellaneous sources.
  • Purchasing staff processed 8 purchase orders, 15 p-card approvals, and 27 vendor/contract updates.
  • Payroll staff processed payroll for 635 employees.
  • Completed the March Impact Fee reports.
  • Performed cash receipts daily.
  • Audited p-card statements.


  • Staff was onsite for sanitary sewer testing at WVID Market Place.
  • Water main tie ins for Preto Blvd. were completed.


  • IT Completed 89 Service Tickets.
  • IT provided technical support for a Code Enforcement Hearing a Commission Workshop and a Public Works Town Hall Meeting.
  • IT continues the implementation projects of TRACKiT and GovQA
  • IT Continues the planning of the connectivity infrastructure for the West Villages Wastewater Plant Project and the co-locating of Fire 26/86 Stations.



  • Attended Pre-Construction meeting for Waffle House
  • Commission workshop-discussion regarding easements
  • Commission workshop-discussion regarding Neighborhood Revitalization Plan Update
  • Attended Tropicaire Multi Use Path public meeting


  • 165-Initial Inspections
  • 2-Verbal Warnings
  • 151-Notices of Public Nuisance
  • 195-Re-inspections
  • 142-Cases Closed
  • 297-Telephone Calls


  • issued 29 new house permits
  • Issued 93 miscellaneous permits
  • reviewed 23 spot surveys
  • reviewed 22 as built surveys 
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