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Weekly Highlights: May 10, 2019

Post Date:05/10/2019 11:00 AM



  • Field staff repaired force main along Toledo Blade.
  • Field staff utilized newly acquired equipment on TV truck to televise lines along Shenandoah St.
  • Field staff cut in a valve on US41 near La Casa mobile home park.
  • Field staff repaired four residential service lines.


  • Budget coordinated and participated in the Fiscal Year 2019-2020 Budget Development meetings with the City Manager.


  • IT Completed 83 Service Tickets.
  • IT provided technical support and/or video streaming for a Planning & Zoning Advisory Board Meeting, a Commission Special Meeting and a Commission Workshop.
  • IT implemented the GovQA Public Records system last week.  We are now reporting that it was a relatively smooth rollout and users are adjusting to the new software/process. This application provides a centralized method of requesting, tracking and fulfilling public records requests.  It also includes a portal for citizens to make requests and receive documents.
  • Several IT Staff Members watched the Microsoft Build 2019 Conference keynote videos this week.  The MS Build conference is an annual conference that highlights new developments in MS Technology and is especially interesting to programmers and software developers.  These presentations are a great way to find out the basics of new MS technology developments and tools that are becoming available, without the cost of sending staff to Seattle for the multi-day conference.


  • BUILDING - Zoning staff conducted 131 zoning related inspections
  • PLANNING - Special Commission Meeting - Central Parc
  • CODE ENFORCEMENT - Closed 90 cases for code violations


  • North Port Fire Rescue personnel responded to 134 incidents. These responses included, one residential fire, three outside fires, two vehicle fires, 96 EMS calls, four hazardous conditions, 14 service calls, nine good intent calls, and five false alarms.
  • North Port Fire Rescue personnel and North Port Honor Guard attended the Charlotte Stone Crabs North Port Community Night.
  • North Port Fire Rescue personnel hosted a Citizen Public Safety Academy to review Fire Prevention responsibilities (fire, life safety and extinguisher familiarization education) and engine and ambulance equipment.


  • GMAC Summer Camp registration is up 19% from the same time last year and teen camp registrations are up 18%.  Camp openings are filling up fast, with eight weeks of GMAC and five weeks of Teen Camp already sold out, so register today! For camp and registration information, check out
  • Progress continues on the North Port Aquatic Center. The big accomplishment this week? The Splash Zone has been framed and rebar has been added. The supports for the play structure have been set and are ready for gunite. For the latest photos and construction updates, head to


  • Investigations Bureau Captain attending the Florida Executive Leadership Seminar
  • Patrol Operations Bureau Captain assisted with the Sarasota County School Board Police oral boards for the position of Lieutenant
  • North Port Police Department holds promotional ceremony, those promoted are as follows: Captain Mike Baute, Commander Brian Gregory, Commander Eric Sineath, Sergeant Jason Brownie and Telecommunications Manager Misty Elmore.  


  • Staff distributed five bag of hygiene products donated by the Back Pack Angels
  • Staff completed 67 information requests to the general public


  • Drainage crews rehabilitated 7,035 linear feet of roadside swales to improve the functionality of the stormwater system.



  • Meter change outs and register exchanges continue throughout the city.
  • Newly hired Locate Tech began work at Utilities Department Monday.
  • Staff attended monthly PUAB meeting.
  • Staff participated in Spring Showcase at Toledo Blade Elementary.
  • Staff interviewed candidates for Staff Assistant III position.
  • Staff attended Administration Building Meeting via Skype.
  • Staff attended Peace River Professionals bi-monthly meeting.
  • Staff attended FL Engineering Society meeting.
  • Staff attended Region 10 Steering committee meeting.
  • Staff attended SWWWRF meeting
  • Staff attended North Port Area Chamber of Commerce Economic Development committee meeting to participate in discussion about key factors influencing economic growth within the community.
  • Staff continues to participate in CPR training.


  • Processed 199 invoices and paid 68 vendors totaling $275,712.24 for goods and services provided to the City.
  • Processed $1,097,153.97 in cash receipts from utility payments, Warm Mineral Springs, and other miscellaneous sources.
  • Purchasing staff processed 9 purchase orders, 12 p-card approvals, and 16 vendor/contract updates.
  • Staff processed 9 new travel authorizations and closed 7.
  • Payroll staff processed payroll change notices.
  • Performed cash receipts daily.
  • Conducted 116 lien searches.
  • Closed April month-end.
  • Monthly impact fee reports were completed.


  • IT continues the implementation projects of TRACKiT
  • IT Continues the planning of the connectivity infrastructure for the West Villages Wastewater Plant Project.



  • Waffle House Permit Conference
  • Precon Meeting for Dollar Tree
  • SDR Meeting - Tree of Life Aquaponic Farm and Central Parc Development Agreement
  • 18 projects currently in review process


  • 72         Initial Inspections
  • 3         Verbal Warnings
  • 73         Notices of Violation
  • 150         Re-inspections
  • 90         Cases Closed
  • 200         Telephone Calls


  • Issued 13 new house permits
  • Issued 77 miscellaneous permits
  • reviewed 28 spot surveys
  • reviewed 18 as built surveys 


  • North Port residents called in 11 smoke detector service requests. Fire Rescue personnel checked 51 detectors, replaced 50 batteries, and installed one detector.
  • North Port Fire Rescue personnel approved 9 P-card transactions and processed 179 invoices totaling $159,953.90 for goods and services.
  • North Port Fire Rescue personnel purchased $2,639.77 in EMS supplies and pharmaceuticals.
  • North Port Fire Rescue personnel continue developing and updating the department Standard Operating Guidelines (S.O.G.).
  • North Port Fire Rescue personnel continue to submit pictures and video to the City Public Information Officer.
  • North Port Fire Rescue personnel gave a station tour to first graders.
  • North Port Fire Rescue personnel gave a station tour to the Hoagies for Heroes group.
  • North Port Fire Rescue had a truck and rescue on display at Lamarque Elementary School.
  • North Port Fire Rescue personnel continued with vehicle stabilization training.
  • North Port Fire Rescue personnel met with Island Walk CERT team representatives.
  • North Port Fire Rescue personnel met with Eric from Image Trend to discuss Fire and EMS reporting software.
  • North Port Fire Rescue personnel assisted with hose testing.
  • North Port Fire Rescue personnel conducted Airtraq training / train the trainer.
  • North Port Fire Rescue personnel attended the meet and greet at City Hall.
  • North Port Fire Rescue personnel attended the Freedom Festival planning meeting.
  • North Port Fire Rescue personnel met with the Bayfront Health Port Charlotte ECC Director for review of EMS cases and crew interactions.
  • North Port Fire Rescue personnel met with the Fawcett Memorial Hospital ECC Director for review of EMS cases and crew interactions.
  • North Port Fire Rescue personnel met with the Sarasota Memorial Hospital-North Port ECC Manager for review of EMS cases and crew interactions.
  • North Port Fire Rescue personnel completed review of advanced airway equipment and practiced using this equipment on patient manikins.
  • North Port Fire Rescue personnel held an EMS Quality Assurance Committee meeting for review of EMS cases with the department Medical Director, Assistant Medical Director and committee members.
  • North Port Fire Rescue personnel completed EMS practical skills evaluations with EMS Field Training Officers.
  • North Port Fire Rescue Medical Director and Assistant Medical Director completed ride-a-longs with personnel for continuing review of performed EMS skills and patient interactions.
  • North Port Fire Rescue personnel and Medical Director met to review EMS protocols to evaluate if any updates may be needed in the next protocol revision scheduled for release in approximately three months.
  • North Port Fire Rescue personnel conducted code research and review concerning fire and life safety inquiries.
  • North Port Fire Rescue personnel attended a meeting regarding the possible location of a microbrewery in the Commerce Industrial Park area.
  • North Port Fire Rescue personnel investigated and followed up on one complaint regarding fire and life safety conditions or deficiencies.
  • North Port Fire Rescue personnel completed 13 commercial plan reviews.
  • North Port Fire Rescue personnel reviewed and approved one special event permit.
  • North Port Fire Rescue personnel conducted and completed one special event permit fire and life safety inspection.
  • North Port Fire Rescue personnel attended one formal consultation with City of North Port Property Maintenance.
  • North Port Fire Rescue personnel conducted one formal site visit of the Encompass Medical located at 14253 Tamiami Trl.
  • North Port Fire Rescue personnel completed one final plat/re-platting for the Oasis at West Villages, Phase 2; PLF-19-086, one (1) Development Master Plan Review for Aldi #64 Expansion – North Port; DMP-19-087 and one (1) Pre-Application Plan Review for the Tree of Life Aquaponic Farm; PRE-19-082.
  • North Port Fire Rescue personnel conducted and completed one fire underground rough inspection, one fire wall penetrations/doors inspection and two fire sprinkler rough and hydro inspections.
  • North Port Fire Rescue personnel conducted and completed a fire and life safety inspection for issuance of two re-issue certificate of occupancies.
  • North Port Fire Rescue personnel conducted and completed 27 annual and 25 follow-up inspections.


  • Parks & Recreation staff processed 24 Achieve Anything memberships consisting of 17 annual memberships, 4 one-month memberships, 2 city employee memberships, and 1 D-Fy membership.
  • A total of 1,305 membership and daily/drop-in visits were made to the Morgan and Mullen Community Centers.
  • Community Centers facilitated 2 hours of Community Service.
  • There were 23 facility rentals for a total of 49.25 hours, 10 Scout House rentals for a total of 20.5 hours, and 6 pavilion rentals for a total of 14.5 hours.
  • Parks & Recreation staff received 1 High Five this week. High Fives recognize employees who go above and beyond to serve the public and their co-workers.
  • Concert in the Park featuring Brian Keener, an Elvis tribute performer, was held on Friday May 3 at 7 p.m., with approximately 400 people in attendance.
  • Parks & Recreation celebrated National Dogs to Parks Day on May 4. Residents were encouraged to bring their dogs to the park throughout the week, snap a picture, and tag the City’s Facebook page for a chance to win a prize! Kathryn Fernandes was the winner.
  • Projects in progress include: Atwater shade installation, Boundless Adventures Playground Phase II; North Port Aquatic Center; CAPRA Accreditation, and completion of new youth league agreements.
  • The Aquatics Division has created the initial swim lesson outlines and entered classes into the RecTrac Demo version; in addition they have continued to develop Standard Operating Procedures for the facility and staff and also made progress on the development of an Emergency Action Plan.
  • Staff attended Purchasing Card training.
  • Aquatics also developed a rough outline for the potential menu at the North Port Aquatics Center concession stand.
  • Requisitions have been submitted into NeoGov to begin the approval process for aquatic staff new hires. A hiring time-line has been developed and shared with Human Resources.
  • Parks Maintenance selected pole colors and locations for the installation of cameras at the Boundless Playground.
  • Staff pruned trees and treated for ants at the Canine Club Dog Park.
  • At Warm Mineral Springs Park, landscaping was completed, with some shrubs being trimmed back. In addition, a wildlife service was hired to relocate wild hogs.
  • Landscaping continued at the George Mullen Activity Center, with several trees getting a haircut, and mulch being added. In addition, an irrigation issue was also repaired.
  • At Marina Park, a Piling Wrapping project has begun.
  • Staff from Parks Maintenance attended the Sarasota County Field Use Meeting.
  • Parks Maintenance also removed and replaced a number of broken irrigation boxes found at the Morgan Family Community Center.
  • On May 6, staff conducted the monthly Parks & Recreation radio show with John Rawlings from WKDW 97.5.


  • Telecommunications - 503 - Calls for service, 37 - Calls via 911, 5:45 - Average "call received to 1st dispatch”
  • Records - 3 extensive public records requests
  • Two FGCU Summer Interns approved through background and completed orientation
  • NPPD holds Community Health Action Team (CHAT) meeting
  • Executive staff attend budget meeting with the City Manager
  • Citizen Public Safety Academy meet at the driving range for this weeks class
  • Posted for an additional police officer position in the Training Unit
  • Webinar with Central Square to evaluate their new CAD/RMS platform
  • 15 new shotguns were received and will be deployed to the patrol officers
  • 6 AEDs were deployed to patrol supervisors


  • Staff completed six LIHEAP financial applications utilizing external funding
  • Staff distributed five bag of hygiene products donated by the Back Pack Angels
  • Staff completed 67 information requests to the general public
  • Staff completed 10 prescreens for financial assistance


  • Drainage crews installed 200 linear feet of concrete pipe and installed three catch basins including a project that temporarily closed North Port Boulevard to replace a large road crossing pipe.
  • The tree crew assisted the Parks and Recreation Department in the removal of several large dead pine trees located on park property.
  • Toledo Blade Boulevard irrigation system repairs are going well and the system is currently functioning at 90 percent.
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