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Working everyday to ensure a high quality of life
Inside North Port City Hall, a high level of customer service is more than just a promise. The City of North Port recognizes that answering your questions and concerns in a timely and appropriate manner is paramount to your quality of life. That is why the City of North Port adopted a Customer Bill of Rights, which sits at every services counter inside the City.

The City also recognizes that each City employee plays a part in the quality of life offered inside North Port.  Employees are empowered to make a difference. If a City employee has made a difference in your neighborhood, please contact City Hall and tell us about it by sending an email to or calling the City Manager's Office at (941) 429-7077.


City Services
The City of North Port's local government is comprised of eight departments with several divisions.

City Leadership
North Port has a City Commission/City-Manager style of government with five elected City Commissioners. Charter officers include the City Manager, the City Clerk (and a Deputy City Clerk), and the City Attorney.

The City of North Port is continuously working to improve the quality of life for local residents. This includes large-scale projects.

Public Participation
The City of North Port encourages public participation in all areas of its operations. Here are some direct ways that you can get involved.

Staff Directory List
Looking for someone in particular? Our Staff Directory list will assist in your search.

City Newsroom
The City of North Port works hard to tell its story so that you know what is going on. Visit the City's newsroom for the latest news stories and links to the City's social media accounts.

County Resources
Find links to other pertinent County information.

The City of North Port works hard to make sure that the public has access to its local government. Transparency is a culture within our agency.

Staff Resources
This is a place for our City employees to access their emails and other important documents around the clock from any internet access. This is because we work hard to serve our community.