2019 Resolutions (Adopted)

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Resolution No. 2019-R-02 (Supporting Child Welfare Reform in FL)
Resolution No. 2019-R-03 (Membership in the American Flood Coalition)
Resolution No. 2019-R-04 (Accept Ownership of PID# 1149-20-5713)
Resolution No. 2019-R-05 (Adopting City-Wide Sponsorship Policy)
Resolution No. 2019-R-06 (Adopt Sarasota Co. Program for Public Information)
Resolution No. 2019-R-07 (Human Resources Policy re Charter Officers)
Resolution No. 2019-R-10 (Adopt 2019 Revisions to Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan)
Resolution No. 2019-R-10 (Exhibit A)
Resolution No. 2019-R-11 (FY 19-20 Fire Rescue District Non-Ad Valorem Assessment)
Resolution No. 2019-R-12 (FY 19-20 Solid Waste District Non-Ad Valorem Assessment)
Resolution No. 2019-R-14 (Authorize City Manager to Execute Social Services Grant Applications)
Resolution No. 2019-R-16 (Adopting Utility Water System Rate Schedule)
Resolution No. 2019-R-17 (Vacating Utility and Drainage Easements)
Resolution No. 2019-R-18 (FY 19-20 Fire Rescue District Non-Ad Valorem Rates)
Resolution No. 2019-R-19 (Approving Funds for Do The Right Thing Program)
Resolution No. 2019-R-20 (Supporting Emergency Communications E911 System Funds Distribution)
Resolution No. 2019-R-21 (FY 19-20 Solid Waste District Non-Ad Valorem Rates) 
Resolution No. 2019-R-22 (FY19-20 Road & Drainage District non-Ad Valorem Rates)
Resolution No. 2019-R-23 (Accepting Ownership of Donated Property on Hermosa Circle)
Resolution No. 2019-R-24 (FY 19-20 Floribanna Sumter Gardens Assessment Rolls)
Resolution No. 2019-R-26 (Authorize Joint Meeting with County Commission)
Resolution No. 2019-R-27 (Authorize City Manager to Temporarily Suspend Enforcement of Section 42-24 of the City Code)
Resolution No. 2019-R-28 (Authorize Acquisition of Multiple Parcels of Real Property)
Resolution No. 2019-R-32 (Supporting the Ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment)