Mission Statement

The North Port Building Division will provide for the safety, health and welfare of the citizens of North Port by maintaining and enforcing building codes. Serving the permitting, inspection and licensing needs of residents, contractors and developers is the highest priority for our customer service-driven organization. The Division will maintain the highest standards of managerial excellence to achieve the fastest and most efficient development process in the State of Florida. The City Commission and City Manager recognize and promote the education and advancement of Building Division employees to maintain this high standard of excellence. We recognize and use the very latest technology available in order to serve our customers quickly and efficiently.

Building Division's role in Neighborhood Development Services

Building 2019 Year End Report


Building Division Major Functions

Plan Review
Through the process of plan review, various codes are enforced as they relate to construction and the proposed structure. Plan reviewers check set-backs, wiring, plumbing, truss design, along with many other items confirming compliance with the codes before plans are approved and released to the homeowner or builder.

Staff accepts permit applications and all of the other forms necessary to satisfy the requirements of construction codes. Communication between the Staff and builders is the key to obtaining the required items for code compliance, especially considering the time constraints and other issues facing the builder or homeowner.

Property Standards
Enforcement of all city codes is the charge of Property Standards Inspectors. Tall grass, unlicensed vehicles and trash in yards are some of the issues which require constant attention. Unkempt properties can lower property values and irritate neighbors. Both of these are undesirable in a growing community.

Inspections are an integral part of each building permit. Inspectors assure compliance with the current codes in the field and confirm structural integrity of the building. Specialized inspectors perform detailed review of various systems, such as the air conditioning, electrical wiring and plumbing.