Land Clearing Permit

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Applications for a Land Clearing Permit:

Single Family Residence Application Package
Commercial Application Package


Land Clearing Requirements: 

Land clear permits shall not be issued unless associated with an approved building package, we will not issue a stand-alone land clearing permit without the approval of the entire package.
Single Family Residence Application Package
Commercial Application Package

Land clear permits must have an official boundary survey marked with all the trees located with either symbols, color coding, or some type of species differentiation and their location on the property.

The land clear permit must also have a Right of Way use form which is included in the application package for the permit to be processed.

Every effort shall be made to preserve existing trees to account for the minimum 35% canopy coverage. Where you are unable to preserve trees (site conditions, elevation issues, other restrictions, etc.) a landscape plan must be created to account for the tree canopy deficiency.

Arborist will conduct a site visit to verify the authenticity of the proposal.

Should a Gopher Tortoise burrow be identified, or any Protected Species or wetland, an environmental assessment shall be conducted by an approved/ licensed agent by the Florida Wildlife Commission.

Anytime during the construction process if any protected species is found, STOP All work and contact the Building Department 941-429-7044 or