Application for a Tree Removal Permit


The following is an explanation of the tree removal permit requirement (only):

The tree removal permit requirement is based on Unified Land Development Code Chapter 45  Section 5,6, and 7, that states it shall be a violation for any person or persons to remove or cause any tree or trees to be removed from any property within the City without first obtaining a Tree Removal Permit.

This permit pertains to the removal of a tree after the certificate of occupancy has been issued for those properties have met the minimum 35% canopy coverage to be able to clear the land for development.

The 35% is based on the square footage of the property. For example, if your property is 10,000 square feet then 35% = 3,500. Each tree is associated a certain amount of coverage. The Priority Tree List is located in Chapter 45-19 in the U.L.D.C. which will indicate the coverage association with each tree species.

Should you choose to remove a tree, approval is based on your ability to maintain, or replace the 35% canopy coverage with additional plantings. A tree removal permit application must be filled out with a site plan indicating all the trees present on the property and what the intentions for each tree would be.

Looking to removing underbrush(s)? Underbrush Permit
Looking to clear the property/land? Land Clearing Permit

Should a Gopher Tortoise burrow be identified, or any Protected Species or wetland, an environmental assessment shall be conducted by an approved/ licensed agent by the Florida Wildlife Commission.

Anytime during the construction process if any protected species is found, STOP All work and contact the Building Department 941-429-7044 or