Underbrush Permit

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Underbrush Permit Application 
Right of Way Use Permit Application


Underbrush requirements:

An Underbrush Permit is speaking to the removal of underbrush only, no tree removal or earth-work allowed. With an issued permit all trees under 3.5 inches in diameter at breast height (DBH = 54 inches above grade) are allowed to be removed and all palms under 4.5 feet of clear trunk (clear trunk is from grade to first originating frond) are allowed to be removed.

This is the only permit that we will issue on a stand-alone lot without intention of development.

An Aerial photo from from Sarasota County Property Appraiser or Survey indicating all the trees present on the property along with the Right of Way Use Permit is required for submittal.

Looking to remove tree(s)? Tree Removal Permit

Looking to clear the property/land? Land Clearing Permit

Should a Gopher Tortoise burrow be identified, or any Protected Species or wetland, an environmental assessment shall be conducted by an approved/ licensed agent by the Florida Wildlife Commission.

Anytime during the construction process if any protected species is found, STOP All work and contact the Building Department 941-429-7044 or bldginfo@cityofnorthport.com.