Permit Fees - Most Common

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List of the most common Permit Cost by Permit Type.

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Permit Type Permit Cost
Above Ground Pool $49.30
Above Ground Gas Tank $109.90
Air Handler Change Out $49.30
Back Flow Preventer $49.30
Condenser Change Out $49.30
Complete Mechanical Change Out $49.30
Door Replacement $69.60
Duct Work Change Out $49.30
Electric Shed (Garage, Etc.) $69.60
Electric Service Change Out / Temp Power $49.30
Fire Alarm $249.30/TBD
Fire Room Suppression $199.30/TBD
Fire Sprinkler $299.60/TBD
Garage Door Replacement $49.30
House Re-Pipe $49.30
Irrigation $49.30
Non-Structural Fence $174.30
Non-Structural Prefabricated Shed $69.60
Pool Cage Existing Deck $69.30
Pool Heater Electric $69.30
Remove and Replace Roof $69.30
Screen Cage Existing Deck $69.30
Shutters (Hurricane) $49.30
Shutters with Electric (Hurricane) $69.30
Underground Gas Tank $109.90
Water Connect $49.30
Water Heater Electric $49.30
Water Heater Solar $54.30
Water Heater Gas $49.30

* A $40 fee will be added to any permit requiring an Occupation of Easement.

* An Occupation of Easement is required when a fence is being installed in a 20ft or 25ft easement.

*Additional fees may be applied based on application type, plan review, and required inspections.