Wind Speed Maps

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The 2010 Florida Building Code (FBC), adopted on March 15, 2012, includes new wind speed maps used to determine the minimum wind loads that all buildings, structures, and parts thereof must be designed to withstand. These specifications apply to roofs, windows, doors, cladding and other components. The maps are located in Section 1609 of the 2010 FBC.

In order to assist contractors, design professionals and the general public, the City of North Port has created an online interactive map that provides the wind load design speed for every parcel in the City of North Port. The “Search” function of the map allows a user to find a parcel by Parcel I.D. number or by address. The instructions for using the Wind Speed Map are listed below.

 Wind Speed Map property search instructions:

1. Click on the following link: Wind Speed Viewer.

2. Enter the address you are searching for in the text box with the red bull’s eye, then click on “Locate.”

3. Click on the “Zoom to” button in the address box to zoom in on the parcel.

4. Once you have found the property you are looking for, click on the “i” button (the “Identify” button) in the blue circle on the top bar.

5. Select the blue dot in the blue box (identify by point).

6. Click back on the lot you have searched for.

7. Scroll down in the blue box to “Wind Load Categories”. The 2010 FBC wind speeds will be shown for each risk category (See examples below).

8. The description for each risk category can be found in Table 1604. 5 of the 2010 FBC. The wind speeds are based on the Ultimate Wind Speed maps (Figures 1609A, 1609B, and 1609C of the 2010 FBC). A few typical examples of structures that meet the criteria for each category are:

    Risk Category 1: Screen Enclosures, Sheds; 
    Risk Category II: Single-Family Dwellings, Commercial Occupancies; 
    Risk Category III: Assembly Buildings, Schools, Health Care Facilities; 
    Risk Category IV: Essential Operation Facilities, Fire & Police Stations.