Fire Rescue Budget

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Funding for District Functions are from Four Sources

  1. Emergency Medical Services are contained in the City’s General Fund, which revenue is generated from the Ad valorem tax. This tax is based upon the taxable value of property in North Port. Taxable value is determined by the Sarasota County Property Appraiser.

  2. The majority of the Fire Rescue District’s operations are supported by an assessment on each parcel of property. This assessment provides for the availability of fire rescue personnel should a fire emergency arise on a property owner's parcel. A property owner sees charges for this service on their non-ad valorem tax bill.

  3. A fee charged for the inspection of fire safety devices (i.e., sprinkler systems, alarm acceptance, and fire walls). Permits are also granted by the fire department, after inspection, for events which have the potential for emergency fire services (i.e., fireworks display).

  4. Grants provided by State and Federal agencies for specific projects or operations within the District.

View the Commission-Adopted Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and Fire Rescue District Budgets.