Fire Prevention

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Mission Statement

The Mission of the Fire Prevention Division of North Port Fire Rescue is to protect the City’s citizens and visitors through fire and life safety education, code enforcement and community preparedness.

Fire Prevention and Life Safety Codes and Standards

Development in the City of North Port is guided by the City of North Port Comprehensive Plan (Comp Plan) established and approved by the citizens and City Commission. From that document comes the Uniform Land Development Code (ULDC) which is the “codes & standards” adopted by the City to guide new development for consistency, continuity and safety. The ULDC was re-written in 2010, and contains a new chapter (Chapter 60) on Fire & Life Safety for new development.

In addition to the ULDC the City of North Port uses the 2010 Edition of the Florida Fire Prevention Code (FFPC) for its review of all development, construction and annual inspections. The FFPC utilizes NFPA 1, the Uniform Fire Code, and NFPA 101, the Life Safety Code, as its basis and consists of numerous other NFPA reference books, as well as Florida Statutes and Administrative Codes.

If you have questions about the review process, or code requirements for new development, you may call the Fire Prevention Division at (941) 240-8150, and speak with the Fire Marshal or one of the Life Safety Officers.

Inspection Services

New construction projects, the remodeling of existing commercial structures and the installation of fire sprinklers, alarms and other fire and life safety features all require a building permit. Plans are received for review and permits are issued by the Building Department, located at 4970 City Hall Blvd. North Port Fire Rescue District staff review construction plans and specifications to ensure compliance with code requirements for fire and life safety features.

During the construction and/or renovation process, the Fire Inspectors perform inspections of fire sprinkler and alarm systems, as well as other features of the building such as fire walls, means of egress (doors & windows) among others.

After a certificate of occupancy is issued, the Life Safety Officer conducts annual fire and life safety inspections to ensure that commercial, multi-family residential and home day care occupancies are properly maintained and continue to comply with state and local codes.

Fire inspections for new construction, certificates of occupancy and changes of occupancy are scheduled through the Fire Prevention Division by calling (941) 240-8150, before being called in to the Neighborhood Development Services/Building Division's automated system.

Staff Development Review Process

The purpose of the Staff Development Review (SDR) is to offer guidance and code requirement clarification to developers, engineers, architects, builders and property owners who want to construct, alter, or modify their property.

The City is creating an identity and a sense of community, which can only be achieved through proper planning, coherent design themes and aesthetics. Although public safety is always a primary concern for all projects, the City will also encourage the implementation of good planning principles in all developments.

When reviewing any project proposed for development in the City, staff makes recommendations to ensure the property is developed in conformance with Federal and State standards, statutes and local ordinances, codes and regulations. Foremost among local regulations and standards are those contained in the City’s Comprehensive Plan and Uniform Land Development Code (ULDC). The ULDC contains the codified “rules and regulations” which govern all development within the City of North Port.