Annual Inspections

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 Annual Business Letter

 Dear Business/Property Owner or Tenant:

Re: North Port Fire Rescue District Annual Business Inspections

Throughout the year our Fire and Life Safety Inspectors visit businesses within the City of North Port to conduct required annual life safety inspections. These inspections are required for compliance of the Florida Fire Prevention Code, 6th Edition.

To help you expedite with the process, we are providing you with a Fire Safety Checklist for your review. Some of the items may or may not apply to your business; however, this will assist you in compiling the proper documents necessary for your compliance inspection. It is recommended that you create a folder containing those items; but please be advised this is not a complete list as other items may be required for your specific establishment or property.

Note: If you are cited as being deficient in any area of life safety at the time of inspection, you will be required to correct the deficiency within 30 calendar days. If you have difficulty meeting this deadline, please inform the inspector at that time and he/she will work with you on a corrective plan of action. Additionally, if more time is needed to fulfill your obligation to correct a deficiency, please contact the inspector of record so that we can try to accommodate and/or work with you based on your individualized situation.

We look forward to providing you, our customer, with professional and compassionate public safety services and are committed to working alongside tenants, business and property owners to correct life safety deficiencies in the most proficient manner.


If you have any questions, please contact my office at (941) 240-8180.

 Annual Inspection Fire Safety Checklist
Annual Inspection List