Tree Ordinance

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We're taking a multi-faceted approach to outreach and community involvement for getting input regarding our tree protection regulations.


On February 27, 2018, North Port City Commissioners gave direction to review the present tree ordinance and make any updates in a timely fashion. A projected review process is as follows:

  • Staff review of all internal materials and actions to date    
  • Confer with the City Arborist for general input and/or recommendations for the ordinance    
  • Reach out to interested local environmental-related groups/developers and seek input and recommendations    
  • Develop an outreach and advertising approach though our website, social media, and traditional media.     
  • Create a Community Involvement Plan:
    • Contact affected constituencies and seek to obtain written input on their concerns with the present ordinance
    • Obtain community input of the ordinance revision through social media
    • Utilize the City website to conduct an online survey
    • Utilize an upcoming Commission Workshop to gather community input

This dynamic approach should result in eventual Commission approval of a revised tree ordinance.

Current Tree Ordinance:

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Current Landscaping Ordinance:

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