Real time lightning warnings for the Mullen Center and surrounding area

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The City of North Port has installed a lightning warning system the George Mullen Activity Center to alert residents using the facilities and surrounding areas.

When a lightning strike is detected within a 10-mile area the system will activate a 15 second long horn accompanied by a flashing strobe light attached to the unit. The strobe light will continue to flash it’s warning until we experience 30 minutes without lightning within those 10 miles.  At that time the system will sound three short horn blasts and the strobe will stop flashing to signify an all clear status.

You can check this panel for up to date notification on active alerts and the anticipated time until the all clear conditions are expected to be met.



If the alarm is activated, you should seek shelter in a building or a closed vehicle immediately.  Please do not return to outside activity until the all clear has been signaled.

A golf cart or pavilion are not considered to be a safe locations to avoid the risk of a lightning strike.