FAQ / Helpful Information

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Where is my property located?

The link below gives access to information on all properties in Sarasota County.

Sarasota Country Property Appraiser


Where can I find tax information on a property?

The link below is helpful for business and property tax information, and other services provided by the Tax Collector's office.

Sarasota County Tax Collector


Where can I find the title/deed for a property?

The Sarasota County Clerk of Court maintains all official records in the county. Click on the link below to find official documents in relation to a property.

Sarasota County Clerk of Court


How do I know what zoning a property is and the zoning regulations for the property?

The Sarasota County Property Appraiser lists zoning classifications on the information page for each property. You can also use the City Zoning Map to determine the zoning around a property.

Zoning Map

The City of North Port Unified Land Development Code - Chapter 53 lists all zoning districts and zoning regulations for each zoning classification. Click on the link below to review Chapter 53.

ULDC - Chapter 53 Zoning Regulations


Is my property in a flood zone?

Click on the interactive map below to lookup by flood information by address.

City of North Port Flood Zone lookup


Where can I find more information about Schools in the area?

North Port is part of Sarasota County School District.

To learn more about which schools provide service to your home, and to learn about how schools are growing in this area check out this School Capacity Presentation.


What new development and construction is taking place in North Port?

Click on the interactive map below to see all new development and construction in the City.

City of North Port Development lookup