Applications and Forms for Planning

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Until further notice, Neighborhood Development Services Planning Division would like to request that developers not submit paper copies of plan submittals.  Submittals can be made via email using the email and a check for the payment of fees can be mailed to the address below.

If the plans submittal file is too large to send via email, a thumb drive and check can be sent to:

City of North Port

Neighborhood Development Services

Planning Division

4970 City Hall Boulevard

North Port, FL 34286


All applications and forms can be downloaded by clicking on the link. For any questions in regard to these forms or applications, please call the Planning Division at (941) 429-7156.


Request for Special Services:

Address/Property Verification

Zoning Determination

ZVL-Zoning Verification Letter


Application Packages:


CPA-Comprehensive Plan Amendment

DAG-Developer Agreement

DMP-Development Master Plan

DMA-Development Master Plan Amendment



MAS-Major Site Development

Notice of Appeal

PLF-Final Plat Application

PLV-Vacation of Platted Lot Lines

ROE-Relocation of Easement

REZ-Rezone Application

SAP-Assistance Program

SPE-Special Event Application

SPE-Special Events-SIGNS ONLY

Special Events Assistance Program (Guide)

SPX-Special Exception

SCP-Subdivision Concept Plan

TUP-Temporary Use Permit

UDSR Application Packet

VAC-Vacation of Easements

VAR-Variance Application


For any application relating to the development of a Village (new Pattern Plan, Pattern Book, Index Map, etc., or amendments to these), please email

Miscellaneous Applications:

Annexation Resubmittal

As-Built Application

Certificate of Appropriateness

Final Plans Submittal 

Mobile Food Vendor

Maker's Market Application

PRE-Pre Application

Public Art Submittal

Resubmittal to Non Approved Plans

REV-Revision to Final Approved Plans


Economic Development Question Form

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