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Special Events / Temporary Uses

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Special Events and Special Event Permits

Special events are events that are held in the City for a period of less than two (2) weeks. A Special Event Permit is required; however, there is no charge to the applicant. The event organizer must comply with all applicable City Code and State licensure requirements relevant to the event. 

Examples of special events include carnivals, concerts, expos, fairs, festivals, fire works displays, flea markets, parades, petting zoos, pony rides, tent sales and tournaments.

To learn more about Special Events and Special Event Permits, here are some Frequently Asked Questions.

Special Event Application

Special Event (Signs Only) Application

Special Event Handbook

Special Event Assistance Program

Events Where City Costs are Funded

The City Commission shall consider on a case by case basis special events for which the costs of City fees and or resources are subsidized through a specially funded account. For funding consideration, the event must be held in the City of North Port and meet the criteria for special events as defined in Chapter 53, Section 53-265 of the Unified Land Development Code and in the special event program guidelines. A special event permit is not required at the time of application for assistance. However, an issued special event permit is required for the event and shall follow the guidelines for the special event permitting process.

To be eligible for funding any North Port based entity or organization may apply to the program if the following apply:

  • Event must be open to the public
  • Event must be FREE to the public for admission. Fees may be charged for participants, such as competitors or vendors
  • Event must demonstrate primary benefit to the community at large
  • Event estimated attendance must be a minimum of 100 people to be eligible for the program

The amount of funding requested may be approved partially, fully or not at all based on the number of applications or funding ability

The entity or organization can apply for multiple events in a calendar year.

If approved, the amount awarded will be applied to the actual cost of City fees and or resources associated with the special event up to the approved amount and the applicant is responsible for the difference, if any.

Events not eligible include: private parties and functions, political events, or any event deemed by the City as inappropriate or inconsistent with the best interests of the City or as prohibited by law.

Applying is easy. Download the application, complete and submit to Neighborhood Development Services, Planning Division, located on the first floor of City Hall at 4970 City Hall Boulevard. Any questions, please call 941-429-7156.

Temporary Uses and Temporary Use Permits

A temporary use is defined as any structure or event held in the City that is of a non-permanent nature, lasting more than two (2) weeks. A Temporary Use Permit is valid for 12 consecutive months from the date of issue, but may be renewed annually. Some examples of temporary use are: Christmas tree sales, pumpkin sales, and signs.

Temporary Use Application

Temporary Use Additional Information


Applications for both Special Events and Temporary Uses are strongly encouraged to be submitted at least 60 days prior to the event taking place. This allows for an adequate review and time to draft the permit. Applications turned in less than 2 weeks prior to an event are not guaranteed to be processed and a permit issued before the event taking place.