ULDC Update Project

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The City of North Port’s Neighborhood Development Services - Planning Division will be making changes to the City’s Unified Land Development Code (ULDC) and would like public input throughout the process.

Staff met to kick off the project in mid-October, and more meetings are in the works for the public to get involved and give feedback. Keep an eye on this page for a meeting list.

What is the ULDC?

The City’s ULDC contains regulations that govern how land is developed in North Port. The codes address everything from zoning, site development, the natural environment, stormwater management, community standards, parking, sidewalks, landscaping, the keeping of animals, and more.

All development in the City of North Port - from Agriculture to Village - must conform to these sets of codes.

When a developer comes to the City of North Port and wants to build an office park, shopping center, or factory, the developer must follow the Uniform Land Development Code. The same is true for homeowners. Any development taking place in the City of North Port must meet the requirements of the ULDC. These requirements are the regulatory framework that holds together the vibrant design of our City, with the goal of enhancing our quality of life.

How can I get involved?

As the city’s planning department moves forward with the process of updating the ULDC, public input is taken in.  This is to insure the clarity of the document to those citizens who use it.  It is incredibly important that the ULDC reflect the needs and desires of the public and in turn the public knows what the ULDC is and does.

A series of public outreach meetings will take place throughout the process.  Future meeting dates and locations will be posted on this webpage. During the process we will continue to take public comments to incorporate into the code based on Commission direction.

If you don’t want to wait for future meetings, please email your suggestions to

Why are we doing this?

Amendments to the code will create new approaches to guide the development process. These codes are intended to enhance the condition of the City’s natural and built environments, promote economic opportunity, and help us achieve a more sustainable future.

There was a significant update to the City’s Comprehensive Plan in 2016. It is important that the Development Code reflect the goals and policies of the Comprehensive Plan and be implemented with the resources available. The new Development Code must be user-friendly, provide consistent guidance, and ensure quality development. North Port anticipates that many existing provisions will be retained but is interested in examining performance-based and other innovative zoning and development provisions within the code when appropriate.

Specific objectives of the ULDC Update to be addressed include:

  • Provide a more consistent set of land use regulations for the community, developers, and City Officials by increasing the clarity and reliability of provisions in the ordinance, rather than the current volume of legislative special approvals.
  • Integrate all zoning ordinances related to land development standards and regulations into the new Development Code and ensure consistency with local, state and federal laws and regulations.
  • Update standards and application criteria.
  • Ensure that the new Development Code will include provisions assisting the City with high quality infill and redevelopment projects consistent with existing area development.
  • Provide clear definitions and terminology by eliminating outdated, unclear, or contradictory language to avoid frequent and extensive interpretation.
  • Support sound and responsible economic development, multimodal transportation, and a sustainable balance between the built and natural environment.
  • Reflect Best Management Practices in planning and development. 

What is the process?

Updates will be focused in groupings. Some changes will be a simple reorganization of information while other changes may be to policy.

Please check back to this page on the website to see the latest changes that have been made.

Once all of the proposed changes have been made, the final document will go before the Planning and Zoning Advisory Board for their review and recommendations, then to the North Port City Commission for final approval.

Where can I learn more?

Still have questions? Call the Planning Division of Neighborhood Development Services Department at (941) 429-7156 or email