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The vision of the North Port Police Department is to be a Department committed to excellence, with quality of service to the community as a priority. The Department is a leader in the police service profession, with everyone utilizing a multi-philosophical policing approach in every enforcement task they undertake. We strive to partner with the community and work together to improve the overall quality of life that everyone can enjoy.

Every member of the organization is accountable for his or her actions and we are responsible to the community for all we do. Decisions are made based upon the mission, values and policies of the department, always mindful to do the right thing. The department values diversity and treats each other, and all members of the community, with dignity and respect. Members are committed to the prevention of crime and disorder and provide personalized police service tailored to the unique needs of our community.

Understanding that no community can be vibrant and prosper without public safety, we invite all citizens to help make this vision a reality and to ensure this vision drives decision-making in every facet of our daily lives.

We reaffirm our commitment to service and dedicate ourselves to the pursuit of excellence.