Flood Warning

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Flood Notification in Relation to Myakkahatchee Creek Water Level

The City has cooperatively funded with United States Geological Survey (USGS), a gage in the Myakkahatchee Creek at Tropicaire Blvd, that monitors the elevation of the water level in the creek with respect to the vertical datum of NGVD29. The City has correlated the water level at this location with historic street flooding. The correlation is shown in the following table. To access the real-time water level for the USGS gage in the Myakkahatchee Creek at Tropicaire Blvd, click here.

For your safety and protection, please check this USGS gage level and correlation with the table below, and prepare for evacuation in sufficient time before storm arrival.

Please also check the City’s Hurricane Webpage  for more information on hurricanes and protective measures to take.



Correlation of Myakkahatchee Creek Levels with Rainfall at USGS Gage at Tropicaire Blvd:

Through historic observations, one-inch of rainfall measured at the USGS gage at Tropicaire Blvd will correspond to a 1 foot rise in creek level at Tropicaire Blvd.

Staff gage readings at the Creek @ Tropicaire reach the following levels: Following road closing program and public notification planned:
a. EL 22.50 +/- Creek north of I-75 begins to flood Hennessy, Lacey, and surrounding streets. Dunbarton from Tropicaire to Estates Drive begins to flood.
b. EL 23 +/-
Creek east of Sumter and south of I-75 begins to flood R-76, Lady Slipper, Mandrake, and surrounding streets.
c. EL 24 +/-
Low point in Estates Drive at Tidwell and Van Camp begins to flood.
d. EL 25 +/- Tropicaire at Hornbuckle; Reistertown, north and south of Tropicaire, as well as the area south of Tropicaire and east of Sumter begin to flood.
f. EL 26 +/-

Widespread flooding will occur and local evacuation should be implemented.


Alert Sarasota County Community Emergency Notification System - The City of North Port has the Alert Sarasota County emergency alert system to quickly notify residents and businesses of an emergency or urgent situation. Get signed up with Alert Sarasota County to make sure you're in the loop.

For additional information on emergency preparedness, please visit City Hall. The City’s Stormwater Manager System/CRS Coordinator Elizabeth Wong (, can be contacted at (941) 429-7090 or fax (941) 429-7164. The City’s Emergency Management Coordinator Richard Berman( can be contacted at (941) 240-8189 or fax (941) 240-8182.

Publications from FEMA, reading materials on floodplains, and FEMA maps can be found at the North Port Public Library. You can also search the Sarasota County Library System’s “SUNCAT” online catalog for information and publications on topics such as flood insurance.

List of helpful web resources:

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City of North Port FEMA Flood Map Updates

City of North Port Elevation Certificates

City of North Port Emergency Management

Evacuation Centers and Maps

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) 

Sarasota County Library System’s “SUNCAT” online catalog