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Expand/Contract Questions and Answers

  • My street was sprayed (rejuvenation) and I have loose stones (aggregate) at the end of my driveway. What is this and what caused it?

  • My road was just resurfaced, but the edges of the roadway haven’t been cleaned up or sodded yet. Why?

  • A big machine came and removed all the asphalt from my street. When will it get resurfaced?

  • I received notification that my street was to be resurfaced soon, but it has not been done. When will it get done?

  • I must leave my house to get to work, the store, or an appointment, but they are paving in front of my house. How do I get down the road?

  • When the contractor swept the road before resurfacing, dust was flying everywhere. Are they going to wash my house and car?

  • I had a few bushes planted around the culvert going under the street. Now a new culvert is installed and my bushes are gone. What about my bushes?

  • A City of North Port customer service card and door knocker were placed on my door explaining that my sprinklers were damaged. How will this be repaired?

  • After my street was milled up, a black coating was sprayed on the road base. Why is this done?

  • Why does the contractor remove such a wide strip of grass along the edge of the street?

  • When the contractor was scraping the edge of the road, the end of my driveway was chipped or cracked. Will it be corrected?

  • My mailbox appears to have been damaged while the contractor was working on my street. How will it get repaired?