Overall Background

The quality of the City’s roads has been one of the largest issues facing North Port. Originally paved in the 1960s, many of North Port’s neighborhood streets have fallen into severe disrepair. Each year, the City has attempted to keep up with maintenance and rehabilitate roadways while operating under budget constraints to keep costs low.

On November 6, 2012, nearly 60 percent of the voters approved a referendum authorizing the City to obtain a bond up to $46 million to upgrade 266 miles of substandard roads in the City.  In addition, about 210 additional miles of roads received maintenance. As with all roadwork done in the City, road related drainage was included in the rehabilitation and maintenance. 

What Can You Expect?

Some roads in North Port need completely repaved, while others are in need of maintenance work (not full reconstruction or rehabilitation).  When the City of North Port is in your neighborhood, they will be doing both – maintenance and rehabilitation – depending on the state of the road.  As with all roadwork done in the City, road related drainage will be included.  The City provides three types of services:

Pavement Rejuvenation
Usually applied to roads generally paved within the last 3 years and adds 3-5 years to the life of the road.  Asphalt pavement is rehabilitated by applying chemical products designed to restore original properties to aged (oxidized) asphalt binders.  Rejuvenators retard the loss of surface fines and reduce the formation of additional cracks.  Rejuvenators are generally appropriate for low-volume, low-speed roads. 

Usually applied to roads generally paved within the last 3-5 years with minor crack sealing.  This service adds 5–7 years to the life of the road.  Micro-surfacing is an advanced form of slurry seal that uses basic ingredients consisting of emulsified asphalt, water, fine aggregate and mineral filler and combines them with advanced polymer additives which are applied in a thin layer over the existing asphalt pavement.

Thin Overlay
Usually applied to roads generally paved after five years with major cracking and rutting with base failure.  This service adds 10-15 years to the life of the road.  Pavement rehabilitation by adding a nominal layer of asphalt (1.25 inches thick) over an existing paved surface and compacting by rollers or vibratory equipment. Typically used for pavements which exhibit a higher degree of distress. 

Roads scheduled to be repaved in 2019-2021: 

Alfa Ter Mccain Ln Sahara Ln
Algardi Ln Mendavia Ter Sally Ln
Alibi Ter Milan St San Luis Ter
Altoona Ave Mincey Ter Santonian Ter
Andalusia St Moravia Ave Sareta Ter
Arnold Ln Morrietta Ln Scotch Ter
Ashland Ln Muglone Ln Secane Ter
Birnam Ter Nanette Ln Senlac Ln
Brickell Dr Nansen Ln Shabonne Ln
Bushnell Ave Nantucket Ter Shady Ave
Cake Ter Norvell Ave Shady Ave
Caliva St Oscar Ter Shalimar Ter
Camilo Ln Parade Ter Simonton Ave
Cassia St Parkmount Ter Soprano Ln
Cave Ter Parlay Ln Spice Ln
Chain Ter Pesola Ter Stimmel St
Chandler Ln Pilger Ave Stowe Ter
Coldwater Ln Plant Ter Thomas Ln
Colfax Ln Portago Ln Tile Ter
Cottage Ln Prairie Ter Town Ter
Draper Ter Pretzel Ln Tupelo Ave
Dumont Ln Remus Ave Turrell St
Emporia Ter Renfro Ave Valkaria Ave
Ettrick Ln Renfro Ave Vandalia Ave
Flagami Ln Ridley Ln Velvet Ln
Ida Ln Ring St Vickers Ln
Jameson Ave Ripley St Vizza Ln
Jameson Ct Ronald St Vogler Ln
Lancaster Ln Ruiz St Wendover St
Lemay Ln S Chamberlain Blvd Yalta Ter
Log Ln S Cranberry Blvd Yamada Ln
Mackinaw St S Lavina St Yankee Ter
Manheim Ave S Step St Yeadon Ter
Marconi Ave S Wapello St Zoratoa Ave
Mather Ln Sadnet Ln Zuber Ln
Mc Ginnis Ter Sagebloom Ter Zuyder Ct
Zuyder Ter


Roads scheduled to be repaved in 2021-2024: 

Albren St Detroit Ter Oceanside St
Alcazar Ter Duluth Ter Oklahoma St
Alfred Rd Eagle Pass St Osborne Ave
Alhaven Ter Everett Ter Palo Alto Ave
Alliance Ave Everglades Ter Pascal Ave
Alling Ter Falmouth Ave Patio Ter
Allsup Ter Gaucho Ter Platt St
Altitude Ave Gerona Ter Point St
Ambrosia Ter Greenhill Ave Polo Ct
Ancient Ct Greentree Ave Ponds St
Ancient Rd Hamilton Ave Pratt Ave
Ann Arbor Rd Havelock Ave Saginaw Rd
Anona St Haverhill Ave San Maria Cir
Antelope Ter Hazelton Ave Santa Ana Rd
Arredondo St Hempstead Ave Sawmill Ave
Baltimore St Hereford Ave Saybrook Ave
Barry Rd Homestead Cir Schrader St
Bay City Ter Homewood Ave Scranton Ave
Beeville Ave Hyannis Ave Seattle Ave
Belleville Ter Kew Gardens Ave Shaw St
Beloit Ter La Veta St Sheboygan Ave
Big St Laird Ave Sikeston Ave
Boca Chica Ave Lansdale Ave Simpson Ave
Brampton Ter Laramie Cir Snover Ave
Broad Ave Lindsay Ave Snug St
Brockton St Low St Stockton Ave
Brownwood Ter Luau St Strawberry Ter
Bruing St Lucaya Ave Sunny Ave
Burlington St Lummus St Tahiti St
Carthage St Lutz Rd Talleyrand Ave
Carver St Mackay St Taunton Ave
Chipley Ave Maddock Cir Tishman Ave
Churchill Ave Madison Ave Traverse Ave
Cincinnati St Map Ave Trilby Ave
Cinderella Cir Margate Ave Tucson Rd
Cinderella Rd Marita Ave Tulsa Ave
Circleville St Masters St Tusket Ave
Clarke St Maximo Rd Upland St
Clearfield St Mccrory St Utopia St
Cod St Melody Ave Vendome Ter
Colorade Ave Michaler St Vineland Ave
Coolidge Ave Minneapolis Ave Waterloo Ter
Courtland Ave Moncrief Ave Welland Ter
Cranbrook Ave Morenci Ter Wells Ave
Culpepper Ter N Lavina St Wise Dr
Dalhart Ave N Step St Woodward Ave
Dalhart Ct N Wapello St Worthington Ave
Danbury Ter Natural St Wyola Ave
David Ave New St Xanthus Ave
Deerfield St Nicollett Ave Yacolt Ave
Dennis St Oakland Rd Zellwood Ter


Want to see if your street is scheduled to be repaired?  Or general questions?  Please call Public Works Customer Service at 941-240-8050.