Bulk Waste Guidelines

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Bulk Waste Guidelines:

Residents can get rid of unwanted appliances, electronic waste, yard waste, excess trash or large household items with ease. Each household is entitled to two customer-scheduled bulk collections per fiscal year, which starts October 1st. The collections are limited to 5 cubic yards, which is twice the amount of trash that can fill a standard pickup truck's bed. Additional bulk collections are available for a fee of $15 per cubic yard.

All bulk collections, whether free or charged, must be scheduled in advance. Please call Customer Service at (941) 240-8050 to schedule your collection.

Once the collection is scheduled, the items should be placed curbside no earlier than 48 hours before your scheduled pick up. If items are placed curbside prior to this, you may receive a Violation Notice from the Property Standards Division.

Do not place bulk waste underneath overhead wires or near mailboxes, fences, poles, trees, backflow devices or vehicles.

Tires, hazardous waste, contractor debris and commercial waste are not accepted.

These guidelines must be used when setting out the following items: 

  • Lawn Mowers - remove gas and oil. 
  • Large items such as swing sets, trampolines, basketball hoops and above ground pools - break down into 4' x 4' sections 
  • Refrigerators and freezers - remove doors and all food
  • Yard waste, electronics and appliances -- please keep separate from other bulk material.

If you continually have an excess amount of garbage, you may find it easier to lease an additional automated garbage container from us. Please contact Customer Service at (941) 240-8050 for details.