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Welcome to the Purchasing Division Contract Database site.  This site has been developed as part of the continuing efforts of the City of North Port to promote financial transparency to the Public regarding procurement expenditures. This site focuses on the expenditures made through the competitive process of Public Procurement by your own local government. The site contains contracts and agreements as well as the accompanying solicitation documents. Utilizing the site allows the public access to most City procurement documents at their own leisure with no time constraints or the need to submit a Public Records Request. 

We believe the ability to review and retrieve copies of these documents also provides an opportunity to learn more about the competitive process of Public Sector Procurement. This helpful site is provided to assist the public in the easiest way possible by providing access to the City’s solicitations.

The City’s procurement authority is a hybrid centralization through the Purchasing Division, with responsibility of smaller dollar pricing research delegated to the individual department level.  All contracts and purchase orders are issued through the Purchasing Division and approved by various individuals within the dollar thresholds.

To learn more on how to navigate the site, please reference the FAQ Quick Start Guide.

Always feel free to contact any member of the Purchasing Staff Directory.