Utilities Software Survey 2019

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Utilities Professionals,
We are hoping that you might offer us some advice. The City of North Port is researching software options for Utilities billing and payment. We’d like to ask you a few questions about your current billing and payment software and your satisfaction with it. Would you recommend your platform, what changes would you make, which features are must-have’s for your organization? If you would, please fill out the form below and return it to us at NPUtilities@CityofNorthPort.com by August 16, 2019. Once received, we will tally the responses and will share the results with all participants. Thank you for your assistance!




What methods of payment do you accept? (ACH, text to pay, online, 
QR code, pay by phone, etc.)
What is your current customer and billing platform?
Do you offer a mobile application?
Do you offer a mobile application?
Do you experience any problems with any software or processes? 
(downtime, communication errors, etc.)
Are your due dates tied to the billing date or due on the same day of 
the month each month?
If the answer to question 5 was tied to billing dates, how does your 
meter reading and billing process work to have the same due date 
each month? Do you use smart meters?
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