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Other Service Information

Here are some common questions regarding field and other services that customers often ask.  If you don't see your question here, please contact our Customer Care Team at 941.240.8000 and we will be happy to help! 


I am planning on purchasing a property in North Port, how can I find out where City water and sewer are available?

Visit to access our Water & Sewer Availability Lookup, which allows you to search by street name or parcel ID number to determine if water and sewer service is available to a specific property. Maps of our water and sewer systems are not available to the public. For more information about the cost to connect, please contact our Field Service Office at 941-240-8000.

How do I read my meter?

Your meter is located in a box in the ground, usually near your front or rear property line. Usage is recorded on an odometer-like display located on the meter’s face. Although the meter will record each gallon of water that passes through it, we read and bill in thousand gallon units (TGALs). The water usage you are billed for is the difference between the last month’s and current month’s reading. Please note that some meters have a digital display and may require direct light to be read.


I am a seasonal resident; should I have my service turned off at the meter while I am away?

We recommend that if your property is going to be vacant for an extended period that you have your water turned off at the meter as a precaution to prevent unnecessary water loss or property damage due to an unseen break or leak. There is no charge to schedule a seasonal turn-off, however, we require at least two business days’ notice for a seasonal turn-on and a $35 reconnection fee will be applied to your bill. Please note that your account will still incur base facility charges during the period your meter is turned off.


The backflow device on my property is leaking, can you send someone out to repair it?

The backflow device is the responsibility of the property owner. If your device is leaking or has been damaged, you will need to call a licensed plumber to have it repaired.


I have water and/or sewage coming up my drains, can you come out and have a look?

If you are experiencing a sewage backup in your home, you will need to contact a licensed plumber to assess where the blockage is located. If the plumber finds that the blockage is not on the property, the plumber will need to provide the Utilities Department with proof of the location of the blockage and you may seek reimbursement through the City for their work.


My water usage has gone up drastically but I haven’t been doing anything differently, what could be the cause?

An unexplainable increase in water usage can have many causes. Unfortunately, North Port Utilities does not have the ability to determine what that cause may be. However, North Port’s water meters are equipped with a leak detector which shows if water is moving through a meter at any given time. If a leak detector shows water moving through the meter when no water is on, then it is likely that a leak is the culprit. If the leak detector shows the presence of a leak, a plumber would need to be contacted to determine the source of the leak and make the necessary repairs. If you suspect a leak on the property and are having trouble locating or checking the leak detector on your meter, please contact the Field Service Office at 941-240-8000. If the leak detector shows no indication of a leak present, there are several other possible causes of high usage, including but not limited to: a malfunctioning timer on an irrigation system, an outside hose that was left on for an extended period, a malfunctioning water softening system, or even a toilet flapper that is not sealing correctly with every flush.