Cross Connection Control Program

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Updates Being Made

 Attention residential customers with an existing backflow prevention device:

On March 24, 2020, City Commission approved Ordinance 2020-02, amending City Code Section 78-129 to eliminate the residential “opt-in” program. This program previously permitted customers to appoint the City as their agent for the purposes of completing the testing, installation, repair, and replacement requirements of the Cross-Connection Control Program, more commonly known as the Backflow Program.  If you previously opted-in to this program, you will now be required to independently coordinate with a licensed plumber who is also a certified backflow device tester to comply with the testing requirement and submit the required documentation to the Utilities Department by the testing due date. To learn more, please download the Utilities Customer Notification regarding backflow devices.



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To view a current listing of certified backflow testing specialists,
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To learn more, visit our page of commonly asked questions on our Cross Connection FAQ page

We would like to thank all our customers for your patience during this process.  For more information on the City of North Port's Cross Connection Control Program, call (941) 240-8000 or email


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