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Welcome to Ricky Raindrop's world!

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North Port Utilities cares deeply about our community and the natural resources that make North Port so special.  Ricky Raindrop is the North Port Utilities mascot and he loves to spread the word on water.  Where we get it, how we treat it, how it gets to our customers and what happens to it once it goes down the drain!  Ricky is into all things environmental and loves opportunities to share what he learns with the residents of North Port. 



Where's Ricky, North Port?

Ricky is on the go looking for ways to participate in community events, care for the environment, and learn about our City’s parks and environmental treasures.  Ricky really wants to share what he learns, but he is so busy that he doesn’t think to take pictures or write down his adventures. 

Utilities is  reaching out to fellow North Porters to help spread the word on how special our community is and the importance of caring for and conserving our environment.  Grab one of our Ricky Raindrop figures and email your Ricky picture along with a short story explaining the picture, tying it to a community or environmental fact or event to  You can get a Ricky by stopping by our Utilities booth at community events like National Night Out and New Comer Day, or stopping in to see our Customer Care Team at 4970 City Hall Blvd. or 6644 W. Price Blvd.

Please make sure your submission has your name, age and contact information along with a short explanation of how your picture is relevant to conservation and protection of the environment and North Port’s natural resources.  Submissions received may be used on the Utilities Page of the City’s website ( as well as Twitter, Instagram or Facebook posts.

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Ricky's Travels and Adventures

Updated on 12/23/2019 11:56 AM

Photos of Ricky Raindrop travelling, learning, and sharing information across the country and across the globe! Ricky loves to promote water conservation and preservation of our natural resources!