Public Utility Advisory Board

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One of the many and most important ways the Utilities Department communicates with the public is with the Public Utility Advisory Board.  As with the many City Boards comprised of volunteer citizens, our Board Members come from many different walks of life.  But one thing they all have in common is a strong desire to make North Port the very best community it can possibly be. 

The Board assists the department in reviewing policies and projects before they are made public to make sure that they will work the best for our citizens.  An example of this is the research and planning that was involved with formulating our current Cross Connection Control Program.  The Board had one of their members attend many planning meetings before the program and Ordinance were presented to the Commission and public.  Their input made our program better for everyone.

We also depend on the Board to review annual budgets and rate studies before they are finalized.  They then become our ambassadors and are vital in helping us make sure the public understands why many financial decisions are made.

Our current Board is very active in researching and learning about topics that might make our department and community better in the future.  They have visited the Tampa Desalinization Plant and have researched ways our water quality can be improved.  Their need to know what is being done by other parts of the state, country and world can only benefit North Port in the future. 

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