Rates and Fees

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Water and/or Sewer Monthly Bill:

Save Water and Money

  •  Base Facility Charge(s)
    • Readiness to serve charge for both water and sewer
    • Covers the fixed costs of operating our utility even before you use any water or generate any sewage, maintenance of water and sewer lines, and the personnel required to operate and maintain the utility system. 
    • If you should leave the area in the summer months or go away for an extended period of time and have your water turned off, you will still receive a monthly base facility charge.
  • Consumption Charge(s)
    • Water Usage & Sewer Usage
    • Calculated with Six-tier Conservation Rates
      • More water a customer uses, higher the rate will be for the water you are using

If we receive your monthly payment late or you have required any other services which have a fee associated with the service, these charges will also be on your monthly bill.

2019 Rates

Fees (Under Section J. Utilities)

Utilities Ordinances Chapter 78