Reading Your Water Meter

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Water Meter Box Meter Dial Radio Read Meter Dial

A water meter measures the amount of water entering your plumbing system.  Most meters are located in boxes in the ground near the curb.  Open the box carefully (let the critters scatter) and inside you will find the water meter.

The meter dial can be found under the small, round, hinged cover.  If the glass is dirty, wipe it clean to make it easier to read.  The meters used in North Port measure water in gallons.

Your water meter dial is much like your car's odometer, showing the cumulative total of water that has run through your meter.  The sweep hand, which moves like a clock hand, measures each gallon of water, up to ten gallons.  Notice the first number on the right of the total is a stationary zero; there's no need for it to move because the sweep hand does its work.  Except for the stationary zero, the rest of the number is read like an odometer.  The movable dials to the left of the stationary zero read in 10s, 100s, 1,000s of gallons, and so on.  For example, the dial in the middle photo above reads 369,200 gallons, which would be recorded as 369 in the 'Current' section of your bill.  The picture above to the right is a Radio Read Meter Dial and is showing 538,810 gallons and would be recorded as 538 in the 'Current' section of your bill

A red triangular indicator near the center of the meter dial face is used for leak detection and will spin even if there is an extremely low flow through the meter. To check for leaks in your water pipes, turn off all water inside and outside of your home.  Check the triangular indicator.  If it is not moving, you have no leaks.  If it is moving, you have water running somewhere in your home.  If you are unable to find any leaks yourself, you may want to call your plumber.

Meter Accuracy - The City has repeatedly found that meters less than 10 years in age test very accurately (plus or minus 3 percent), and that meters, when they do begin to lose accuracy, almost always under report flow passing through them.

Where Your Water System Begins - The City of North Port provides service and maintenance up to, and including, the water meter.  Once water exits the meter, it enters the customer's privately owned system and area of responsibility.  That includes the backflow prevention device.  If City staff observes potential leaks or other problems with your plumbing, they will let you know.  However, you are responsible for assessing and making any necessary repairs or calling a qualified plumber to do so on your behalf.

If you need help reading your water meter dial, please call us at (941) 240-8000.  Please remember that the water meter and water meter box are property of the City of North Port and North Port Utilities and should not be damaged or tampered with in any way.