Water Conservation

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What Can I Do To Conserve?

We must all do our part to use water wisely to ensure that we still have an adequate water supply for the future.  Water conservation not only saves water, but also saves you money.  Everyone can conserve water indoors and outdoors.
Some of the following suggestions may require a change in daily habits.


WrenchGrab a wrench and fix that leaky
faucet.  It's simple, inexpensive,
and can save 140 gallons a week.

WastebasketDrop that tissue in the trash
instead of flushing it and save
gallons every time.
Food color in toiletPut food coloring in your toilet
tank.  If it seeps into the toilet
bowl, you have a leak.  It's easy
to fix, and can save more than
600 gallons a month.
ToothbrushTurn off the water while you
brush your teeth and save 4
gallons a minute.  That's 200
gallons each week for a family
of four.
Washing MachineRun your washing machine and
dishwasher only when they are
full and you can save 1,000
gallons a month.
Low-flow showerheadBefore you lather up, install a
low-flow showerhead.  They
are inexpensive, easy to install,
and can save your family more
than 500 gallons a week.
ClockTime your shower to keep it
under 5 minutes.  You'll save up
to 1,000 gallons a month.
Dripping FaucetListen for dripping faucets
and toilets that flush them-
selves.  Fixing a leak can save
500 gallons each month.

Take a water audit of your home.


Kitchen TimerSet a kitchen timer when
watering your lawn or garden
with a hose.
Meter DialCheck your water meter and bill
to track your water usage.
Tuna CanPlace an empty tuna can on your
lawn to catch and measure the
water output of your sprinklers.
FlowerNext time you add or replace
a flower or shrub, choose a low
water use plant and save up to
550 gallons each year.
Hoze NozzleUse a hose nozzle and turn off
the water while you wash your
car to save more than 100
BroomUse a broom instead of a hose
to clean your driveway and
sidewalk and save up to 80
gallons of water every time.
Desk Calendar 2Adjust your watering schedule
to the season.  Follow North
Port and SWFWMD rules.
Drip IrrigationChoose a water-efficient drip
irrigation system for trees,
shrubs and flowers.  Watering
at the roots is very effective.


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