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North Port's Parks and Natural Landscapes are Perfect for Backyard Photographers

The City of North Port is known for its lush oak and pine canopy. With more than 60,000 plotted quarter-acre lots set beneath this natural Florida tree coverage, North Port is home to an abundance of wildlife within its neighborhoods. Native birds, butterflies, armadillos, raccoons, and bobcats are just some of the wildlife that call North Port home.

So, for those who love nature photography, North Port is an oasis of opportunity. Here are some of the spots one might consider capturing Mother Nature through the camera lens:

City Parks

 North Port is home to 21 parks located in various parts throughout the City’s 104.1-square miles. The City’s parks offer a variety of amenities and landscapes. Some of the key nature parks include:

Behind North Port City Hall
Tucked behind the three story government building is a beautiful courtyard with Florida friendly landscaping. This courtyard offers the photographer a fantastic vantage point of one of the City’s canals. There are beautiful flowers and other flora that also will entice the photographer to remove the lens cap. This beautiful courtyard is also an ideal spot for portrait photographers. City Hall is located at 4970 City Hall Boulevard.

The bridge at Chipley Avenue
When the Sarasota County School District built Lamarque Elementary School, they also created a scenic pedestrian bridge to cross over one of North Port’s canals. This scenic bridge, located at the corner of Chipley Avenue and Platt Street, connects the neighborhood off Cranberry to the neighborhood off Salford (to Shrimp Lane) and is used by students so that they can walk to school. But, nature photographers can see some of the most precious scenes of North Port’s wildlife and natural flora along a watershed. The “leading lines” from the bridge’s structure make it a unique opportunity to play with “framing” subjects in photos.

Life along the R-36 canal
This canal stretches along the northern border of North Port and separates the North Port Estates from the Carlton Reserve. During Alligator Mating Season (from June through September), the large reptiles can be spotted basking in Florida’s warm sun along the shores of this scenic canal. A vast array of native water birds are also common to see along this stretch. Park anywhere along Estates Drive and enjoy the scenic, picturesque landscape.

Gazebos along North Port’s Roadways
North Port Boulevard, Sumter Boulevard, and Toledo Blade Boulevard have been built with winding, weaving sidewalks and gazebos for walkers to stop and enjoy. These beautiful structures lend themselves to portraits and interesting photographs.

North Port’s mountain biking path along the Myakkahatchee Creek
Nine miles of the Myakkahatchee Creek stretches through the heart of the City of North Port and along a good share of it is a mountain biking path that was carved by local mountain bikers. Access the pathway from either Butler Park (just south at the bridge on Price) or at Oaks Park. This narrow trail will take you through some of the most pristine oak and pine canopy filled with Mother Nature’s wonders. Ancient palmettos, giant mossy oaks, and beautiful wildlife await. You’ll be in the heart of this bustling city and not even know it.

Myakka State Forest
With more than 8,000 acres of forest, the Myakka State Forest is home to an abundance of nature trails. This is an ideal spot for birding, photography, hiking, mountain biking, or even horse back riding. This natural wonder is a fantastic location to take a camera, as well as a GPS unit.